Dear Believer,

What type of a blogger goes off for months, without so much as a memo? Oh, I know one—me!

How do I start to apologise? I am so sorry. I do not have a valid excuse; I actually do. But, I do not want to bore you with the trillion things that I have been doing all the while. How are YOU? You already know that I do not start a blog post without checking up on you, first. Have you been well? You can leave me a comment below.

Before I begin this blog post, I’d love to thank a few people who have been great supporters of my blog! They are truly deserving of it. My gratitude goes to Toluwabori, Lilian, Hannah, Oluwatoba, Tolu Faniran, Tejiri, Modesola, Bukola, Ore, Moyege, Munachimso, Ebele, Victoria and Ijeoma.

And, I celebrate you too. Thank you for joining the family. Let’s delve right into the blog post, shall we?

Dear Believer,

I pray that these words meet you where you are in your mind, soul and spirit. I’ve had this matter in my heart for a year now, and it is time to put it into writing.

I was in a conversation with one of my closest friends last year, we were conversing about music ministers and she said these words “I don’t like minister A (name withheld). There is no way I’d be under his ministration and be blessed”. Lol, do not judge her – she did not know better then. We learn and know better as we grow older, yeah?

I understood her reason perfectly and I agreed with her to an extent. Still, I remember telling her, not to believe that she cannot be blessed under his ministration and also, not to cheat herself of the blessings God might prepare for her under his ministration someday, because of the mind-set she had regarding this particular minister.

Truth is, I have been to meetings and programs where some of the music ministers, ministered empty – void of God’s manifest presence, power, anointing and partnership with the Holy Spirit. It was a proof that they either had no secret place or it has been so long since they dwelt there. And, just like you (if you’ve ever been in a meeting like that), it was hard to “connect” or “feel a thing”. Sometimes, I don’t even sing along, other times I just sing the song that I prefer to sing from their “list” while waiting for them to finish so that I can truly enjoy God’s presence in other people’s ministration.

Can you relate to this moment? Do you mind sharing how you “cope” under these “set” of ministers’ ministrations? Please do, in the comment box below.

But, you see, the Holy Spirit schooled me! I felt so guilty when He told me what was expected of me in atmosphere like that. And, this what I am going to share with you in the coming paragraphs.

Do you know that in a gathering of worshippers, there is only one audience? And, no; that audience isn’t you and those with you on the other side of the altar. That audience, is God, the Father. The music minister in front, standing on the altar and leading the congregants and you, my dear one are singing to the audience of one—GOD.

Do you also know that every song carries its own anointing? There are certain vessels that do not administer the anointing appropriately because they lack the capacity to, they refuse to partner with the Holy Spirit in their ministrations and are most probably ministering for self-glorification.

But, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Yes, it is none of your business.

The fact that the minister isn’t allowing the Holy Spirit to find expression through his ministration is NOT an excuse for you not to “connect” to your heavenly Father whom the songs are being rendered to. Don’t sing half- heartedly and say to your friends after the meeting how hard it was for you to connect when a certain person was ministering.

Do you not know that it isn’t only the minister who reflects his secret place on a public stage? It includes you and every other person at the other side of the pulpit. 

Regardless of how poorly a vessel administers the anointing of a song or how flesh filled the ministration was, do NOT rely on His wings to fly.

Minister the songs with your lips and your heart submitted, to the ONLY audience in the room—God.If the minister cuts the flow of your connection to God from a song to another song that you know isn’t supposed to be the next (we know these things, hehehe), don’t stay in the disconnected zone for too long. Sing the next song wholeheartedly to your Father.

While others are just catching cruise on the moment, you are connected to heaven and getting tremendously blessed. And, when the program is done, walk up to that minister and in all sincerity pray for grace upon his/her life. A simple “Thank you for the worship sir/ma, (don’t add you blessed me when you know he didn’t. Don’t lie) I pray for grace upon you. Thank you very much sir”.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a time of intimacy with God in a cooperate gathering just because the vessel that is meant to lead you is disconnected from heaven’s Wi-Fi.

Live up to your sonship. Let your secret place also spill out in a coperate gathering as you sit in the congregation. When you judge the minister, you indirectly judge yourself, too.

This message is more for the music ministers. I know how it feels when you watch a fellow minister, make a mess of what was meant be called a ministration. Yet, it is not an excuse to stay muted and talk about it with your other minister friends.

Dear believer,

I hope you understand this perfectly. I pray for the grace to truly live like the sons of God that we are, in Jesus name, amen.



Merry Christmas in advance♥️.

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19 thoughts on “Dear Believer,

  1. Firstly, I’ve made it, I see my name 😃

    I’ve been like that before until I had to to channel my mind that no matter what, even if I find myself in a ‘doctrinal’ church, I carry God and know I carry his presence so I just fellowship without letting any ‘body’ be an hindrance to what God has for me.


      1. Thanks so much for this great insight shared ma. Truly one way or the other I have judged ministrations too, thanks for correcting us in love. May God help us


  2. Thank you so much ma for this write-up, for me I’ve found myself in that situation severally, and I’d just be looking at the minister. But I’ve learnt that God is the audience and no matter the minister or whatever I’d worship God, even when it seems hard to connect, I’d connect like I do in my secret place, cause it’s me and Abba😁


  3. Hiiii 😍
    I’m really sorry. I’m just opening my mail after so many daayyyyysssss 😂
    Good to have you back! And way to goooo girrrrllll!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in advance! ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉


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