If there’s a favourite name I love to call God, it’s Daddy! 1 Peter 2 verse 9 says that we are a royal priesthood. Christ is the King! He is our Father and we, by accepting him as our personal Lord and Saviour, makes us Princesses and Princes of the King of Kings! I think it’s absolutely amazing! In my little unending walk with my Father, even as a princess, I have flopped and walked out of the kingdom and all the benefits I have as a princess, I threw into the mud. But Love brought me back and Mercy said No.

This blog was ultimately inspired by my spiritual daughter, after so many years of procastinating, i opened this with immense support from her.

Being a princess or prince doesn’t mean that we are perfect. So, let’s go a journey together, share experiences, inspire and help each other. We are Siblings in Christ now, aren’t we?!

I’m glad you joined the family. Its good to have you here

I love you!