Detty December (Thanksgiving)

Haha! You want to hear the full story, right? Who doesn’t like gist? 😂

First of, how are you doing? I am super grateful to God that you made it this far in the year 2020! If you lost a loved one this year, I am sorry. I pray that you are filled with the peace and warmth of God’s comfort, amen.

The word “Detty December” is usually used to describe a wild celebration that takes place in December; it is a time when money is spent vivaciously and people just want to enjoy the last month of the year to the fullest. In gatherings like that, something “detty” (dirty) always take place—of which sex tops the list of all the immoral things that is done there.

Now, you are probably wondering how that’s got to do with my blog post and even why I’d give thanks for such immoral thing. Judging by my Whatsapp status, which you may have seen before coming on here, you are wondering if I had a detty December. Well, NO!

However, I am using the word “detty” which is like a rephrased spelling for the word “dirty” because I did have a dirty December, two (2) years ago. It was dirty because I had unpleasant experiences.
What am I really thankful for? Well, basically ONE thing…. Good health! Here is why.

On December 2017, I fell ill and I was placed on admission in the hospital for the first time in my entire life! It had never happened before. On the first day of my admission, I had already received about five (5) drips and three (3) antibiotic drips. It was one of the worst moments of my life and I vowed to take it easy with myself and get enough rest from work– P.S: I am a workaholic, on the day I was admitted, I agreed to go on a job even when I was feeling super weak, thankful that my mum made sure I did not step out of the house. Thankfully, I got better by the third day and I was discharged.
On December 2018, I fell ill again. This time seemed to be worse than the first, I kept my ill health to myself for days until one day when my mum left the house, I realized that I could not move by myself. Mum called later in the day to check in as usual, I told her I couldn’t leave the bed; she had to call someone to come pick me from the house to the hospital. Fam, mum was more infuriated than pitiful. I hear am! In the previous year, she had called all the older people in her life to talk to me about getting enough rest and reduce the way I fasted for days (laughing emoji). So, in 2018 she was not having it, coupled with bills and responsibilities that rested on both our shoulders.

Again, in three (3) days I got better, but I still felt somewhat weak although my vitals were great. As I walked down to the reception to receive my drugs and see how much my bill was, I felt nauseated and I actually vomited. The nurses were surprised because I had just been confirmed fit for discharge, so they said to conduct another test – A pregnancy test. I boldly told them to go on with it, becuaseeeee, I knew that I was clean.
After a few minutes, I was called to the doctor’s office and I was confirmed pregnant.

Okay, what was your reaction just now? Hahahahahahaha!!! 🤣🤣. I froze for a minute, I told them to run the test again and I said to the doctor that it was a mistake! At the time, the last time I was in a sexual relationship was a year ago.
“Does pregnancy show up after a year”? I asked the doctor. Meanwhile, my mother was waiting for me in the reception. O boy! The doctor said I should have a scan since I am so sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I told mum and she asked why I needed to do a cervical scan when I was not pregnant (I did not tell her the outcome of the test). On my way home, I remembered waking up from sleep or it was some sort of trance while I was still in the hospital; where two women who dressed alike and had a dark atmosphere around them, injected something in my drip at midnight, I think they said some words sef.

I started to think that what I had was some spiritual pregnancy 😩😩. I became scared INSTANTLY! I told mummy the result, called up my best friends, my father figures and my pastor who were my source of encouragement in this time. I was devastated because I started to entertain the possibility that I could actually be pregnant, I was paying attention to every little detail and movement in my tummy. Matter of fact, I started to get “Lara, you have added weight” compliment from random people.
The hospital that the test was taken is the hospital owned by my pastor and his wife, it was basically a “church” hospital. I was so sick with the thought of the news going around church that Lara was pregnant! Choir! The one that use to do fire fire upandan! Omooooo.

Writing about it doesn’t do justice to what I felt for about a week! My pastor – Papa EBN held up a 3 night intercession for me with my friends who knew about it. I was in a storm! Thank you Papa EBN, Ebele, Toba, Afam, Uduak, Janet, Daddy Sunday, Daddy Kolade, Adetayo and Sister Adebola. My mum? She was super encouraging, I thought I was going to die in her hands in the typical African way 🤣. When I did the scan, it was proven that I was not pregnant.

What went wrong was that I was almost on my monthly period and had hormonal imbalance which gave signs that seemed like pregnancy.

Whew! What a long read. I am thankful, not only for December 2018, I am thankful for December 2019 and 2020. I almost fell ill again in these years, but God said NO! I noticed that, since it started in 2017, I always have a constant breakdown in December. This year, the signs and symptoms came again buttttt! I have grown! First, I have learnt to rest. Secondly, I have learnt to speak healing to my body with authority.

Does it always go away instantly? NO. Matter of fact, it gets worse but I have learnt to be stubborn and never yield to defeat. So, I continually speak and affirm my reality in Christ Jesus until it goes away.

I am thankful for two (2) years of good health and a clean December. Looking forward to a symptom-free December in 2021.

What are you thankful for?
Looking forward to reading your comments! Tell me.

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10 thoughts on “Detty December (Thanksgiving)

  1. I remember this so vividly!😂
    Such a confusing period but everything worked together for a greater good. God IS good.
    I love you with all of my heart, MO.


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