For Better, For Worse. (The Forever Love Walk)

I’ve always wondered how women manage to remain in an abusive relationship when it is as clear as day that they are suffering emotional + physical abuse.  It just didn’t make sense to me. At a program I was invited to minister recently, the host, a beautiful woman of God shared a part of her life’s troubles and although being born again and married, she vowed never to serve God again and went prodigal for 9 years when she got hit by a storm. According to her, one day a question and answer session ensued between herself and her Lord whom she didn’t want a relationship with anymore.

GOD: Has your husband hurt you before? Got you upset?

HER: Countless times

GOD: Enough for you to consider divorce?

HER: Yes

GOD: So, why are you still with him?

HER: Because, I promised him for better for worse.

Then, the Lord said – “You are so committed to man but you are not committed to me”.

And then, it stuck!

Men hurt us, yet we stay committed to them but when a little tempest comes our way in our love walk with God, we start to waver in our commitment to God. Many times, we walk out of the relationship (between God and us), not by verbally denouncing Christianity but a decline in our prayer time, a weary heart towards a once upon a time active kingdom partnership, hosting thoughts that question God’s goodness and love instead of pulling it down as it exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ and subjecting it in obedience to Christ.

You know where and how your commitment has wavered in times of crisis. Do you not know that you took a ‘for better or worse’ vow when you said yes to Jesus, too?

This made me realize that many women who go through abusive things in their relationships, stay in it because – whether consciously or unconsciously – are committed to the man and the relationship.

My last relationship wasn’t a physically abusive one, I can’t exactly say if it is was an emotionally abusive one but it messed around with my mental state more than I knew. It wrecked my self esteem. It wrecked my emotions and made me build tall and strong walls that God is dutifully, intentionally, consistently yet slowly helping me to break (maybe one day, I’ll speak about this aspect of my life when it’s all over). Yet, I stayed because I was committed to the man I was dating.

Today, I’d like you to reflect on your commitment to Jesus. Is it still on a 100%? I’d implore you to renew your vows with the Holy Spirit. Stay committed to the one who died for you.

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

– II Chronicles 16:9

Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the Lord our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments, as at this day.”

– 1 Kings 8:61

Love and Light,

The King’s Daughter,

Molara ❤️

A Moment of Truth ❤️

Hi welcome!

This is the first time that I would be posting a thought on my blog as it came. Usually, I have a topic to talk about in mind and with the permission of the Holy Spirit, I share them on here. I think that my long absence here has made me have a re-think. I was already typing what you are about to read here, on my Whatsapp status and I jokingly said to myself that the rate at which I share things on Whatsapp, I am supposed to have a blog post every week! Those who have my direct contact would nod their heads in agreement.
Anyway, here we are, in my blog space, so grab a seat and get your notepad and heart ready (there ain’t no popcorn for what I am about to share, lol). I have to admit that I am happy writing to you again. As I always like to ask, how are you doing? I pray that this blog post meets you right where you are.

I’ve had this thought that I am about to share with you, for a very long time now and one thing I always do is to go over every thought that crosses my heart with Jesus, before I make a decision or act upon it; going over it with Jesus means double checking my motives and getting more clarity on it before I act or at the very least, write about it.

I am a music minister and every minister (whether music or not) hear this one thing almost all the time from one or two people from the audience and that is – “I was blessed by your ministration”. Well, I intend to start asking anyone who approaches me –“how”?

You think that would be too direct yeah? Oh! You are probably wondering why I’d ask that; self-glorification or som’n. Lol, that thought is faaaaaaaar from the truth. You see, I am truly beginning to wonder if people truly understand what it means to be ‘blessed’ in and by a ministration. My best friend made a post about gospel music videos in my part of the world, Nigeria, which paints the blessings and grace of God as ONLY moving from a one room apartment to a mansion and owning a fleet of cars –as true as the grace of God does elevate a man, His grace is not defined by material things only. And, just as many have a warped definition of God’s grace, they have a warped understanding of what it means to be blessed.

How were you blessed? It has to go beyond the goose bumps and the euphoric feeling that did not go past the ‘soulish’ realm. Music, first appeals to your soul before it hits your spirit and this is why many cannot successfully distinguish between ‘being blessed’ and ‘being emotionally attached’ to the songs or the charisma of whoever is leading.

Don’t tell me you were blessed because you felt the presence of God in that ministration, what did that presence do to you? What transpired in that moment? What went beyond your emotions to minister to your spirit? What did it change in you? What words did the presence speak to you? What word are you going to hold on to till you die from that ministration? How exactly were you blessed?

By the grace of God, I have grown a little deep with the Holy Spirit that I know when He is being ministered to by a music minister. We are one; so I feel what He feels –no bragging, I say this with all sense of humility. And, this is why it is rare for me to be elated and hyped when a song is fast paced, if it doesn’t minister to me, I will just sway left and right because my ascendance in the spirit is not determined by the drums or any instrument at that.

Every song has its anointing. Every song that has blessed the body of Christ till date got released with an anointing that would work and be effective even when they are not the one singing it. That is why, if Moses Bliss ‘too faithful’ is sung by someone who probably has no voice and has not been able to saturate the atmosphere with the God’s presence all the while that he has been there, the minute he raises that song or any song, you lift up your hands and your heart connects to the song –if the song is repeated about two or three times, you might find yourself on your knees and a deeper connection with the song because the anointing of/on that song is ministering to you.

The case is different when a person is ministering to you from their well coupled with the anointing of the song. Some ministers, ride on the anointing of the songs they sing and there is a charisma that just works perfectly with the song.

In cases like this, you, as the audience need to clearly discern if you were blessed by the ministration of that vessel or the song(s) or you were caught in the web of emotions and all that. Getting blessed in a ministration is a different experience for different people but the goal is to leave the meeting with a renewed mind –this is the proof that God was in meeting; a renewed mind, a decision to be and do better for God by the virtue of the minister’s ministration, a stronger faith in Jesus, an impartation, etc.

In a conversation with my best friend, she said “there are exceptions. The Holy Spirit might be working in your spirit and your mind does not know or understand it yet”. That’s true.

The aim of this blog post isn’t for ministers; it is for you. It is not to judge ministers. It is not to downgrade anyone. It is not to say that I am better than anyone. This word applies to me as much as it does to you.

Did you learn a new thing? Was your mind illuminated? Would you like to share a few thoughts on certain meetings in where you attended and you knew for sure that you weren’t blessed? How did you know that you weren’t blessed even when others seemed to be ‘blessed’ in that meeting?

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Love and Light,
Your sibling in Christ.

Twenty Fineeeeee (25) • My best birthday EVER….yet!

On this day, a week ago I stepped into the 25th year of my life. To be completely honest, I almost didn’t want to move just yet. I loveeeee the idea of being young in age and be on fire for God, so I felt like God was asking me to move too fast (as how😂)?

When I was 24, I usually got remarks like “you’re still a young girl o” – I loved that remark. But now? When I say “25”, I immediately get the remark “girl, you’re getting old o” and an additional prompting “oya, it’s time to get married. Go and bring husband home”. I miss age 24 soooo much 😩😩!

But I gotta move. Matter of fact, life has moved me! So, here goes chapter 25! My pastor – Dr. Amos Fenwa – would say “Being young or old is not a factor of your age, it’s a function of your mindset and perspective to life” . I know and believe that I will ALWAYS be young at heart because I am such a big baby 🥺, even my mum is almost tired of me 😂. Let’s talk about my GRAND ENTRANCE into age 25, shall we?

My 25th year is a highly prophetic year for me. I am not going to go in details but God had sent a series of prophetic words to me when I was age 24. Matter of fact, He started speaking about it when I was 21 years of age. What I did not know was the year He was bringing His word to pass. Early last year, God declared first through my Spiritual Father; Dr. Amos Fenwa His intentions for me for age 25 and so suprisingly, ever since that day I have received very random messages and calls from friends and acquaintances, telling me what God told them. I remember my friend, Afam, calling me at past 1am prophesying over me! I remember my friend and sister Laura sending me a voice note at past 3am and every word was in alignment.

When I received the first Word from my spiritual Father in the year 2020, the only people who knew were my mum, brother and best friend. And, of course my church members cos the prophetic word came in during the service! Can I tell you one shocking thing? God called me out by my muslim name – Fausat – on this particular day 😭. Do you know what this means? It means serious business, it felt like God calling me out from my family tree and seperating me for what He wanted to do. I kept these words in my heart and embarked on fasting (I did a fast with the age I was about getting into, up until the day before my birthday) prayers and sowing of seeds to be positioned and aligned rightly for the prophecy. When certain people started to text me telling me of their dreams of me and a whole lot of confirmations, I was OMG-d!

I had planned a photoshoot in November 2020, but I didn’t have the funds, I just knew that I wanted to have a photoshoot. I almost cancelled because I had to save up for school and other responsibilities but see God?! He meant this year for me ! He did His thing and the photoshoot happened!!! (this is another story, let’s keep it here).

I had a scheduled ministration on my birthday – the second time it was happening in two years, lol. When the entire program came to an end, I was nudged to look up at the projected screen… 😂 I saw me!!!! This was the beginning of my shock!

After they sang and prayed for me, I saw a table set at a corner. Oh! Before that, I saw my friends 😭😭! Afam, Ebele, Nina Shezz and Tomisin 😭😭. I didn’t know that was just one-third of the shock I was yet to get! Before I knew what was happening, two cakes were set on the table 😭😩! Before I could say Jack Robinson, I saw bags containing GIFTS! Ah! For me? 😭. I have never received that many gifts on my birthday, ever!

Do you know what shocked me the most? When Danielle, the CEO told me how she called about 17 people to SHOW ME LOVE! They sure did and made me tear up bad! My friend in Europe, my Blessing 😩😩 also suprised me BIG TIME! I put up an appreciation post on my WhatsApp status in honor of them but they don’t understand the weight of what they did! What they do not know, is that they played a PROPHETIC role in ushering me into God’s plan for me💓.

With everything that happened, it felt as though God gave me a GRAND ENTRANCE into chapter 25! I have never been so celebrated in my entire life! I received calls saying my picture was EVERYWHERE! God did honor me on that day! The gifts have not even stopped coming 😩😂. Is it about anything I’ve done to this people? No! Absolutely not! It’s about who God is and what He’s done in my life. Do you know one of the most beautiful things about what happened on the 25th? God has started to visit some of those who blessed me and reward them for doing what they did for me. I am confident that they would all share testimonies soon! They may not know that they are reaping from the fertile ground they sowed in my life; but, my Father and I know.

I’ve got to thank everyone of them before I share the photos of the gifts! Starting from those who started to send me gifts before my birthday. Thank you Victoria Anthony, Gladys and Idema. To the entire committee that planned my surprise… Thank you Danielle (CEO), Ewaade, Laura, Joshua Banjo, Afam, Tomisin Dacure, Osato Nina Shezz, Eunice, Papa EBN, Precious Marshall, Oyinda, Hannah Taiwo, Ifeoluwa, Matilda, Collins, Funmi Arise, Ebele and Blessing .

Certain people gave me the gift of money 😍! Thank you Mr. Femi Stephens, Papi, Mrs. Gold and Victoria!

Thanks to Mr. Nelson!!!! Thank you Munachimso!!! Grateful for your gifts!

Whew! A very long read! I had to 😂. If you read up until this point… It either means you like gist 😂 or it’s because you couldn’t wait to see the gifts😏😂. Thank you for reading up until this point.

Lastly, if you are yet to pre-order the Fire Branded Merch, please do so. Pre-order closes on the 31st of March 😍

Birthday gifts right below!!!

First, they wrote me a beautiful note😩❤
And, a card 😩❤️ this card had money inside o 😩❤️! Look at their names!
Juss lookat those sneakers 😍! Thank you Mr. Nelson😩❤️! Those bracelets are from Munachimso and I love em.
I really really love this branded tee and face cap! Gifted to me by Danielle 🥺❤️ and branded tee designed by Ifeoluwa Majekodunmi 💕
My whole heart!!! This frame BLESSES ME EVERYDAY! The Words and prayers are so edifying, I love this gift so so much! Thank you best friend Ebele 😩😩😩❤️❤️! This wristwatch from Nina Shezz though!🥺❤️💕. I love love love it.
This throw pillow! I loveeee it! The entire committee got me this! See as I fine 😍! Buks_touch on the face beat! Thanks darl. See my new glasses 😍😍! I’m wearing Gucci 😍, I’m not your mate anymore , just kidding 😂. Thank you Danielle! You know how much I love glasses ❤️ ❤️
(Front view) THIS HOODIE! 😩 It got me so emotional 😭! Because of the words branded on it! Thank you Blessing for this awe-mazing gift ❤️❤️ ! Printed by Afam 💕, thank you!! And, Perfume oil gift from Adedoyin, thank you so much sis 💓
(Back view) Juss lookat the name 😩😍❤️! I LOVEEE THIS GIFT! Cannot wait to rock it 🕺🏼! Perfume oil gift from Adedoyin, thank you so much sis 💓

Lol! All done! Thank you so much again for supporting me and my blog and all that I represent! I pray that favour wears you like a garment and you obtain grace to remained aligned to the will of the Father.

How my brand name was birthed

Heyyyyyyy! How are you doinggggg? Long time no blog post.

Today’s blog post is really important and quite short. Guess what? I just celebrated my 25th birthday and I must say….. (whispers) I am getting old 🥺. Lol

Anyways, I have a blog post coming soon about the entire day on March 20th 2021. But, one very important thing was launched a day after – my brand tees (T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts) and it’s a pretty huge step for me 🤭🤭.

However, I thought it right to tell you how the brand name was birthed. It sounds pretty simple and easy to create, yeah? You might be thinking that I probably didn’t have to sweat before I came up with the name, yeah? Lol, wrong 😂. Let me tell you…

One evening in the year 2018, my friends and I went to the camp called BETHEL on Lagos – Ibadan expressway, Nigeria. On the last day of the camp as we prepared to return home, we stayed a little while to take photos with the beautiful grass and clear skies, the serenity of the camp and the life it gives to your photos is amazing! We absolutely love to take photos whenever we go there to camp. We had been praying, studying God’s Word, fellowshipping with God and having numerous encounters for 3 days. During that time, we cared less about how we looked, we were HUNGRY and we still are.

On that evening in 2018, as my best friend and my very good friend stood afar to take photos, I watched and remember saying to myself “look at these girls hyped and laughing so hard like they had not just been in deep fellowship with God for three days. These girls would return home and people won’t know the depth they have touched in God, Kai! The world isn’t ready” (paraphrased but this is the exact thing – not words – I said).

Almost immediately, a soft breeze blew across my ears and I heard the Holy Spirit say VERY CLEARLY “Fine Girls Fire Branded”.

Yes, you read correctly. He said “girls”. You do not want to imagine my excitement because I couldn’t contain the way I felt. I was so eager to let my girls know! But, we had to move almost immediately after I heard those words. I kept saying to myself “the Holy Spirit gave us a name. Wow”! Those who know me, know that I love to wait till the perfect time before I say anything. I study the atmosphere, the person(s) I am going to speak with before I say a word. My girls were meditating when we boarded the first bus, I knew I couldn’t tell them yet.

We had a ministration that night and the three of us were back up singers for a minister of God, who is my dear friend. When we got into the last bus that would take us to the venue of the ministration, we had started to talk like normal, that was when I broke the news to them.

Heart breaking part is, they were not as excited as I was 😂💔. After that moment, they forgot completely about the name. But, I ran with it. Using it as hashtags on my photos and my best friend used it as well because she’s that supportive.

From a name meant for three women, it became a name that one woman ran with for 4 years – me. Ever since that evening, I have always called myself that name and see the world getting to know it too. Most importantly, seeing women identify with it. #familyname 😍

I have had a couple of people tell me to change the name from Fine Girl to Fine Woman or something”womanly” because I won’t be a girl forever. Lol, I agree. But, I’ll be a baby girl for life…God’s baby girl for life 😍.

Recently, the Holy Spirit made me understand that the name is beyond me and not about me, either. It is a name for every girl that would come in contact with me and meet Jesus. I have a mandate for young girls, it is one of the major cores of my ministry. The name “Fine Girl Fire Branded” is for every girl who has come and would come to the knowledge of Christ, love Him, be on fire for Him and still slay in the beauty that He has bestowed them with, not to lure men or use for immoral activities but to set men on fire for Jesus and to show the world that being in Christ is a greater advantage. We fine and we on fire!

Glory be to Jesus. That’s pretty much how it happened! What did you expect though?😂. Something ghenghen-cious? 😂

Anyway, Pre-order is going on at the moment for a discounted price actually. And, it’s going to close by the end of the month. It’s a limited sale. Lol. Good qualities are hard to come by and I’d like to keep the status quo, delivering good qualities. If you’d like to pre-order, kindly send a DM on Instagram @molaraolusesi.

Ouuuuuuu!! A holy spec! A fire branded spec!

Available in black, red and white! I look forward to seeing you rock this outfit 😻

Birthday blog coming next….

I love you!

– Fine Girl Fire Branded.

Once upon a Valentine 😍

Do you know the song playing in my head, right now? It’s “valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend? You are sitting alone, lonelyyyy” 😂

No, the song is not for me. It’s for you, if you are single 😜😂.

I am someone else’s valentine 😍

In the next one or two years, maybe 😜

Happy February! How are you doing? You’ve got a valentine? You’ve got plans? If you don’t have plans to go out and enjoy the day with friends or boo after your church service; spend the time praying for your future spouse and watch a good Christian movie –Abattoir by Mount Zion is a fantastic idea – .

So, I know that you are here for the premium gist. Here goes!

When I was in high school; SS1 (Senior Secondary School 1) to be precise. I liked a dark skinned Igbo guy (a tribe in Nigeria, West Africa), his name was Frank and I was heavily in crush with him, lol. Occasionally in class, I’d throw glances at him, made sure that our eyes met and all that teenage “shots” but this guy wasn’t having it with me. Actually, he made it obvious that he disliked me and I was not his “type”; it didn’t deter me from keeping my faith alive that he would one day fall for me, lol—silly me.

Our hide and seek, cat and mouse love chase continued. Thinking of it now, I legit believe that he felt the same way 😂😭. My friends mentioned it to me one time that it was obvious frank was taking a liking to me, already.

But, something happened one particular afternoon that caused every iota of feelings for Frank, die completely.

If you are Nigerian and you schooled in a public school, then it means you are familiar with the “SLUM BOOK”. Am I right? 😃. The wahala that book caused in my school no be small. I suffered in the hands of people, I was one of the least liked person in my class and my names appeared in all the bad places 😭. Example: Ugliest girl in class, dirtiest girl in class, the beggar (female), etc.

On this particular day, it was the end of a session, we were going to get promoted to SS2 and so we had a slum book session again. I picked up the slum book to fill my own answers, but first I read the answers of others; one of which included my name spelt out boldly as answer to “the ugliest girl in class” and other demeaning questions by Frank! My heart SHATTERED! I was both angry and sad.

So, I wrote his name as an answer to a demeaning question (one I cannot remember) so that we could be even. I had no idea that I had peppered the love of my life. I was sitting down with my friends when he walked over to me and asked why I put his name as an answer to such a demeaning question. How sir? I didn’t get. Did you put mine in a good place? People can be selfish sha, can you see what I have suffered in the hands of man like this?!

I told him about where he placed my name but he wasn’t having it. It felt like he was completely out of his mind, I had never seen him so furious since I knew him. I wasn’t having it either, I could not understand why he could be so selfish and heartless towards me, so I kept talking back.

Fammmm! Before I could complete my next sentence, Frank gave me close to 15 hot slaps AT ONCE! My face had fingers all over it! 15 premium slaps! I became a waterfall straight up! My face stared straight at him but my eyes kept raining down pain, hurt and anger.

The attack was so unexpected; my rescue team couldn’t stop him in time. That evening, I promised Frank that he would sleep in prison that night 🤣 I had two aunts (my daddy’s younger sisters) in the police force – these are aunts that I wasn’t close to and the probability of my threat actually happening was lower than zero 🤣, but, I just wanted to scare him so that he’d apologise to me—he was too flared up to even pay attention.

As he walked out of the class with his friends, I knew that was the end of my feelings for him. What I did not know was that would be the last time I’d see Frank.

No, he did not die.

He repeated SS1.

I didn’t expect it. I didn’t want it either. I had forgiven him during the long break. So, I was shocked that he repeated. Matter of fact, there were speculations that it was his punishment for slapping me (more like my head catch am). A couple of months after resuming the next class, I received a message from a guy who claimed to be frank’s friend on 2go. He hid that information for a couple of weeks though; he told me how Frank told him about what ensued between us and how sorry he was.

Lol, e dinuh consine me (It didn’t matter to me) because I had meeuveddd! (I moved on).

On the 14th of February 2011, as I walked from the assembly ground to my class, I was taken aback by the presence of a familiar person—Frank. I acknowledged his presence calmly and turned to move into the class when he grabbed my hands.

He apologised to me for his behaviour, confessed that he was the one in the guise of a friend on 2go and handed me a rose. A rose, darlings!! At that time, roses were like one of the highest symbol of love. I did not melt straight away though (🤣), I gave my thanks, told him that he was truly forgiven, declined his request to be friends and went up to class to show my friends, my trophy! (🤣).

I cherished that rose for so long! It was my first valentine gift from the opposite sex ever!!!! I felt almost fulfilled!

Whew! There you go! My first valentine gift story, though.

Do you have a similar experience? How was your first valentine gift? I’d absolutely love to hear it!!Please tell me in the comments.

There is another story on my podcast about another guy who showed me pepper on Valentine’s Day, you can listen via:

I just really wanted to gist you; there is no rhema to catch here lol. But, I have to say this to my girls; you are valuable. You need to be firm in your identity which is IN Christ! I had low self-esteem growing up, so I believed that I was the ugliest and dirtiest girl in class, I let my family background define me. If I knew how Jesus saw me and who I was in Him, I would have done better.


I would have dressed the part, make the most of the little resources I had and be more confident. Though I was not from a wealthy home, my jo y and confidence in who Jesus called me would have definitely given me a different aura and would attract people to like me easily (male and female alike).

If you are like the former me—I’d like to tell you that you are a treasure! A treasure that money cannot buy! If you like someone who doesn’t like you, this valentine; don’t feel any less, don’t get caught up fantasising about your crush that you forget to celebrate your friends whom you LOVE. Your man/woman is just around the corner, keep on loving God and if you don’t have a relationship with Him, I’d love to help you walk through that. Else, you’ll continue to face premium heartbreak.


I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Fine Girl Fire Branded ❤️

Detty December (Thanksgiving)

Haha! You want to hear the full story, right? Who doesn’t like gist? 😂

First of, how are you doing? I am super grateful to God that you made it this far in the year 2020! If you lost a loved one this year, I am sorry. I pray that you are filled with the peace and warmth of God’s comfort, amen.

The word “Detty December” is usually used to describe a wild celebration that takes place in December; it is a time when money is spent vivaciously and people just want to enjoy the last month of the year to the fullest. In gatherings like that, something “detty” (dirty) always take place—of which sex tops the list of all the immoral things that is done there.

Now, you are probably wondering how that’s got to do with my blog post and even why I’d give thanks for such immoral thing. Judging by my Whatsapp status, which you may have seen before coming on here, you are wondering if I had a detty December. Well, NO!

However, I am using the word “detty” which is like a rephrased spelling for the word “dirty” because I did have a dirty December, two (2) years ago. It was dirty because I had unpleasant experiences.
What am I really thankful for? Well, basically ONE thing…. Good health! Here is why.

On December 2017, I fell ill and I was placed on admission in the hospital for the first time in my entire life! It had never happened before. On the first day of my admission, I had already received about five (5) drips and three (3) antibiotic drips. It was one of the worst moments of my life and I vowed to take it easy with myself and get enough rest from work– P.S: I am a workaholic, on the day I was admitted, I agreed to go on a job even when I was feeling super weak, thankful that my mum made sure I did not step out of the house. Thankfully, I got better by the third day and I was discharged.
On December 2018, I fell ill again. This time seemed to be worse than the first, I kept my ill health to myself for days until one day when my mum left the house, I realized that I could not move by myself. Mum called later in the day to check in as usual, I told her I couldn’t leave the bed; she had to call someone to come pick me from the house to the hospital. Fam, mum was more infuriated than pitiful. I hear am! In the previous year, she had called all the older people in her life to talk to me about getting enough rest and reduce the way I fasted for days (laughing emoji). So, in 2018 she was not having it, coupled with bills and responsibilities that rested on both our shoulders.

Again, in three (3) days I got better, but I still felt somewhat weak although my vitals were great. As I walked down to the reception to receive my drugs and see how much my bill was, I felt nauseated and I actually vomited. The nurses were surprised because I had just been confirmed fit for discharge, so they said to conduct another test – A pregnancy test. I boldly told them to go on with it, becuaseeeee, I knew that I was clean.
After a few minutes, I was called to the doctor’s office and I was confirmed pregnant.

Okay, what was your reaction just now? Hahahahahahaha!!! 🤣🤣. I froze for a minute, I told them to run the test again and I said to the doctor that it was a mistake! At the time, the last time I was in a sexual relationship was a year ago.
“Does pregnancy show up after a year”? I asked the doctor. Meanwhile, my mother was waiting for me in the reception. O boy! The doctor said I should have a scan since I am so sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I told mum and she asked why I needed to do a cervical scan when I was not pregnant (I did not tell her the outcome of the test). On my way home, I remembered waking up from sleep or it was some sort of trance while I was still in the hospital; where two women who dressed alike and had a dark atmosphere around them, injected something in my drip at midnight, I think they said some words sef.

I started to think that what I had was some spiritual pregnancy 😩😩. I became scared INSTANTLY! I told mummy the result, called up my best friends, my father figures and my pastor who were my source of encouragement in this time. I was devastated because I started to entertain the possibility that I could actually be pregnant, I was paying attention to every little detail and movement in my tummy. Matter of fact, I started to get “Lara, you have added weight” compliment from random people.
The hospital that the test was taken is the hospital owned by my pastor and his wife, it was basically a “church” hospital. I was so sick with the thought of the news going around church that Lara was pregnant! Choir! The one that use to do fire fire upandan! Omooooo.

Writing about it doesn’t do justice to what I felt for about a week! My pastor – Papa EBN held up a 3 night intercession for me with my friends who knew about it. I was in a storm! Thank you Papa EBN, Ebele, Toba, Afam, Uduak, Janet, Daddy Sunday, Daddy Kolade, Adetayo and Sister Adebola. My mum? She was super encouraging, I thought I was going to die in her hands in the typical African way 🤣. When I did the scan, it was proven that I was not pregnant.

What went wrong was that I was almost on my monthly period and had hormonal imbalance which gave signs that seemed like pregnancy.

Whew! What a long read. I am thankful, not only for December 2018, I am thankful for December 2019 and 2020. I almost fell ill again in these years, but God said NO! I noticed that, since it started in 2017, I always have a constant breakdown in December. This year, the signs and symptoms came again buttttt! I have grown! First, I have learnt to rest. Secondly, I have learnt to speak healing to my body with authority.

Does it always go away instantly? NO. Matter of fact, it gets worse but I have learnt to be stubborn and never yield to defeat. So, I continually speak and affirm my reality in Christ Jesus until it goes away.

I am thankful for two (2) years of good health and a clean December. Looking forward to a symptom-free December in 2021.

What are you thankful for?
Looking forward to reading your comments! Tell me.

Dear Believer,

What type of a blogger goes off for months, without so much as a memo? Oh, I know one—me!

How do I start to apologise? I am so sorry. I do not have a valid excuse; I actually do. But, I do not want to bore you with the trillion things that I have been doing all the while. How are YOU? You already know that I do not start a blog post without checking up on you, first. Have you been well? You can leave me a comment below.

Before I begin this blog post, I’d love to thank a few people who have been great supporters of my blog! They are truly deserving of it. My gratitude goes to Toluwabori, Lilian, Hannah, Oluwatoba, Tolu Faniran, Tejiri, Modesola, Bukola, Ore, Moyege, Munachimso, Ebele, Victoria and Ijeoma.

And, I celebrate you too. Thank you for joining the family. Let’s delve right into the blog post, shall we?

Dear Believer,

I pray that these words meet you where you are in your mind, soul and spirit. I’ve had this matter in my heart for a year now, and it is time to put it into writing.

I was in a conversation with one of my closest friends last year, we were conversing about music ministers and she said these words “I don’t like minister A (name withheld). There is no way I’d be under his ministration and be blessed”. Lol, do not judge her – she did not know better then. We learn and know better as we grow older, yeah?

I understood her reason perfectly and I agreed with her to an extent. Still, I remember telling her, not to believe that she cannot be blessed under his ministration and also, not to cheat herself of the blessings God might prepare for her under his ministration someday, because of the mind-set she had regarding this particular minister.

Truth is, I have been to meetings and programs where some of the music ministers, ministered empty – void of God’s manifest presence, power, anointing and partnership with the Holy Spirit. It was a proof that they either had no secret place or it has been so long since they dwelt there. And, just like you (if you’ve ever been in a meeting like that), it was hard to “connect” or “feel a thing”. Sometimes, I don’t even sing along, other times I just sing the song that I prefer to sing from their “list” while waiting for them to finish so that I can truly enjoy God’s presence in other people’s ministration.

Can you relate to this moment? Do you mind sharing how you “cope” under these “set” of ministers’ ministrations? Please do, in the comment box below.

But, you see, the Holy Spirit schooled me! I felt so guilty when He told me what was expected of me in atmosphere like that. And, this what I am going to share with you in the coming paragraphs.

Do you know that in a gathering of worshippers, there is only one audience? And, no; that audience isn’t you and those with you on the other side of the altar. That audience, is God, the Father. The music minister in front, standing on the altar and leading the congregants and you, my dear one are singing to the audience of one—GOD.

Do you also know that every song carries its own anointing? There are certain vessels that do not administer the anointing appropriately because they lack the capacity to, they refuse to partner with the Holy Spirit in their ministrations and are most probably ministering for self-glorification.

But, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Yes, it is none of your business.

The fact that the minister isn’t allowing the Holy Spirit to find expression through his ministration is NOT an excuse for you not to “connect” to your heavenly Father whom the songs are being rendered to. Don’t sing half- heartedly and say to your friends after the meeting how hard it was for you to connect when a certain person was ministering.

Do you not know that it isn’t only the minister who reflects his secret place on a public stage? It includes you and every other person at the other side of the pulpit. 

Regardless of how poorly a vessel administers the anointing of a song or how flesh filled the ministration was, do NOT rely on His wings to fly.

Minister the songs with your lips and your heart submitted, to the ONLY audience in the room—God.If the minister cuts the flow of your connection to God from a song to another song that you know isn’t supposed to be the next (we know these things, hehehe), don’t stay in the disconnected zone for too long. Sing the next song wholeheartedly to your Father.

While others are just catching cruise on the moment, you are connected to heaven and getting tremendously blessed. And, when the program is done, walk up to that minister and in all sincerity pray for grace upon his/her life. A simple “Thank you for the worship sir/ma, (don’t add you blessed me when you know he didn’t. Don’t lie) I pray for grace upon you. Thank you very much sir”.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a time of intimacy with God in a cooperate gathering just because the vessel that is meant to lead you is disconnected from heaven’s Wi-Fi.

Live up to your sonship. Let your secret place also spill out in a coperate gathering as you sit in the congregation. When you judge the minister, you indirectly judge yourself, too.

This message is more for the music ministers. I know how it feels when you watch a fellow minister, make a mess of what was meant be called a ministration. Yet, it is not an excuse to stay muted and talk about it with your other minister friends.

Dear believer,

I hope you understand this perfectly. I pray for the grace to truly live like the sons of God that we are, in Jesus name, amen.



Merry Christmas in advance♥️.

Tests and Trials

Tests, trials and difficulties should be joy triggers for every believer. This is tough on the flesh but an expected spiritual response. May be this is the revelation Paul and Silas had in prison and they started praising God in chains. The normal reaction in prison should be anger towards God. If a person gets jailed for […]

Tests and Trials

You should read this piece! So apt!

A couple of days in Darkness…. Well, Four days.


It’s April. I know. But, this is my first post in the year 2020. So, it’s a happy new year to you! I’ve got to thank you, though. Yes. Last year, was an amazing blogging year for me. I had contents provided by the Holy Spirit, back to back and the journey was even more thrilling because of YOU! It meant so much to me and the Holy Spirit that you were blessed by every single blog post in 2019. 

My favourite blog post was the series on the ministry of the Holy Spirit! My absolute fave! What’s yours? Please share them with me in the comment box.If you are new on my blog. Omigosh! You are so welcome. It’s an honour to have you here. When you are done reading this post, kindly read up the previous ones. You’d be so glad that you did!

Let’s cut straight to the gist, yeah!This year started on a very high note for me. Super pumped in every way. I was so ready to take on the new year and looked forward to my birthday-which was last month by the way- I went on a retreat and got mighty words from the Lord concerning my journey and a couple of other things.

I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

When the pandemic broke out. God stared to speak expressly through His sons and daughters. Dishing instructions, warnings, bringing to remembrance some of the things that He had said. One of which I remember now, as I type is this.

Starting from the middle of last year till a couple of months after that, I kept hearing the Lord say to me that He was coming in a might that has never been seen before and it was going shake the earth to its core. I did not understand, until now, which I think hasn’t been made manifest in its fullness yet. 

God did not create this pandemic –He is not a wicked being, waiting to squash us like a bug, when we sin-. He permitted it. He allowed it and part of the reason (pretty why He is mysterious-doesn’t let us on the full gist at once,lol) He did, is obvious in what is happening to the hearts of men in this season.

So,what happened to me?

The Lord told me to tell His children, the ones that I could reach, to get a TRIBE. A circle or group of Christian friends who loved and served Him. He mentioned that something was going to hit and it was going sweep anyone who decides to stand alone. He is preparing an army, not a soldier. Everyone had to belong and be accountable to each other, as it were. 

You know how the devil uses your message to attack you…. I got hit.

I do not remember how it started or how I got to the point where I felt weak and less of a son who God loved and created. But, I remember that I wasn’t frequent with prayers or the study of the Word in a couple of days. I couldn’t spend the midnight hour praying and studying because I lacked a room of my own (yeah, I stay together with my family in a room). I felt useless when I would go online and see my brethren talk about the many things that they were doing and I wasn’t.

My past came to haunt me. My old friend…Low self-esteem.

I had dreams that showed me that I had opened a crack for demons to come in. My emotions were used against me. All of these happened in four days. I could not do anything about it. I felt helpless, though I knew, I wasn’t. Darkness started to creep in to get a hold on my heart. I was lost. I did not feel capable enough to lead God’s people anymore. I truly lack words to explain the cage of darkness my mind was thrown into, for days. I was slowly falling into depression and almost  shutting out from the world…and God. I was too tired to fight the good fight of faith. I felt even more guilty for not standing at my duty post and angry that i couldn’t do anything to help myself -when it wasn’t even in my place to do so-. I stopped leaning on God , rather I leaned on my own understanding of how I thought it should be.

God used me to speak to me, but I wasn’t paying attention. I did not even know.

I almost lost my mind to the devil.

But, I kept hearing these words like a beam of light, peering into my dark hole. “You were born for a time like this. Get up and fight”. Well, I did not. All I felt was a contention for my soul. God and the Devil. I couldn’t speak to my best friend about it.

Until yesterday, when I felt myself slipping away again, I texted my brethren on a WhatsApp group that I lead as a servant, to pray for me. I turned to my tribe. I got prayed for personally by a couple of them. If you are a member of Priests Network and you are reading this. Thank you very much!

So, last night, after reading a book, i lay to give it all up to God. As i sang to the lover of my soul, i felt the contents of my heart poured out. I felt free. I felt liberated. It was so refreshing and I received strength. I climbed out of my dark hole.

And, i got a message from God in my dream. Weird, but i get WhatsApp messages from God in my dream. In this dream, He sent me multiple texts using the number of a person that I stopped being quite close to, telling me never to go away from Him again, and how He was never going to let me go, because i belonged to Him.

My friend, you may not go through my cycle. But, believe me, the devil is going to hit you, too. And, it will start with your mind. My best friend warned on her Instagram page @ebeletheservant (go check her out) not to stay idle in this season. Why would he want to hit you? Because he is mad and jealous that God loves you and you have decided to be on God’s side, rather than his.

Here is my two cents, friend. Don’t stay idle –get busy with the word of God and prayers. Don’t feed your mind with junks that will not edify you- . Get a tribe, fast! You may not be able fight alone. God is dwelling inside of people. He is not going to come down in His Glory to help you through it. He is going to come in human form. The form of your tribesmen and every believer that surrounds you.

I pray for you, if there’s any way or in any area that the devil has held you bound in darkness, I speak and declare LIGHT in Jesus name! I decree that you are liberated from the clutches of darkness in Jesus name. You are liberated . You are free in Jesus name. Amen

Thank you for reading through this long article. I hope it blessed you. If you need anyone to pray with you, kindly reach me via I could hook you with one or two believers or pray with you myself.

I love you,

The King’s Daughter.    

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My brother was my mum’s favourite child–now she has no favourite😂– My brother was and is more briiliant, intelligent than myself. I battled with low self esteem because of this, when I was younger. I had a traumatic childhood and as a child who loved attention so much, my mummy’s favoritism took its toll on me.

I grew up thinking that my brother would come first in everything in life. I grew up thinking that he’d be done with the university and I’d probably be starting at the time. I grew up imagining my brother doing great things before me. Why? He was highly intelligent, smart and brilliant. He knew his maths AND English.. I was too scared to believe in my intellectual abilities, even when I came first in class(99% of the whole time in school), I still did not believe that I was truly great, even when the school celebrated us as their best pupils, the thought of my brother being in the same category as myself, and no matter how deserving I was, of the applause, I saw myself as the Number 2.

Fast forward to now, the less pampered child is the “superstar” of the family. I am in the spotlight. Treaded places I thought my brother would tread first. Done things I thought my brother would do, first. Met people I thought it natural for my brother to meet before I do. I have had more opportunities, platforms, met more people, been to more places, than my brother who was the apple of my mum’s eye. Not that my brother is not doing well, at this present time, he is. It is not just at the pace I thought, when I was younger and comparing.

Ironic, somewhat

And, this isn’t where the purpose of this blog post is from, even.

You are reading this blog, because you know me and have been blessed by either my song, my personality, or one of my blog posts. You probably have not met my brother before. You may not even know his name. You may have seen him, a couple of times but you don’t know anything about him, except his name, the fact that he is shy and passionate about music.

But, did you know that some of my thoughts, my perspective about life, friends and Jesus, is partly influenced by my brother? He is younger than I am, but I dare say that he is a great human! He challenges me. The way that he studies people, the way he calmly analyses, the way he researches, the way he is so keen and passionate about learning, the way he thinks (this part bursts my brain), the way he acts like he knows nothing, when he actually does know a lot! We are opposites in almost everything. I speak when I am angry, he doesn’t. He keeps calm, analyses the situation again and tries to understand whose fault it truly is. I shout when I am angry, he keeps shut, most of the time–Sometimes, he yells👀–. I believe almost any information as long as i trust the source, he doesn’t believe any single thing until he sees a substantial proof, even if the source is his most trusted friend. He usually calls me a “them say” person because i usually don’t dig for facts before i give the gist–as long as it is a sweet gist– he is not that kind of person. I learn a great deal from him but people celebrate me when I say something quite applaudable. Though the deeds of my brother is hidden in their sight, the Lara whom they admire and respect so much is being impacted and influenced silently by her brother.

About a week ago, I was discussing with my friend about two of our popular Gospel Ministers– both female– and although, they sing alike, their songs are almost the same and are both signed to the same record label, one of these ministers seem to be in the limelight than the other. I personally feel a deep connection with the one who is not as popular “platform” wise than the former, there is something about her deep that calls unto my deep, though I have not met her before. My friend, with whom I was having this conversation with, said “I see M as a pampered Child. She is a Child that God pampers”, it reminded me of something the Holy Spirit told me in the course of that week, the “Silent impactor”. (P.S: Some of y’all just learnt a new word, lol. Go check Google). While we discussed, my eyes were opened. While one was a pampered child, the other was a silent impactor, both loved by God but used in different ways.

My friend, this is God’s message to you as you begin your journey into 2020. Not everybody is designed by God to be in the limelight. God doesn’t need everybody on a big stage with lights and cameras to proclaim His name and establish His kingdom. He needs the most of us, backstage.

So, you may have planned to do more spiritual exercises, be more intentional about doing the Father’s business, healing the sick, giving alms, sowing seeds, sowing time in the place of prayer and your ministry, in the new year. Great! But, please know this, you may do all of these things, blessing lives and doing great things and yet, be unseen or seen by a few. I beg you to be content with it. I beg you to enjoy the process. I beg you to stay there.

Personally, I believe the silent impactors are one of the greatest in the Kingdom. They do much more. The intercessors who aren’t seen but are on their knees every chance that they get, talking to the Father about His church, the country, the Men and Women of God that you and I celebrate, are doing more, fighting more battles and causing a shift in the Spirit, more than any title bearer.

I remember listening to a message by Apostle Joshua Selman. He mentioned how much work the Intercessory team of the church has helped and is helping his ministry. Pastor Benny Hinn, mentioned in one of his books where he had a plane crash but a woman’s prayer kept him alive and unhurt.

You may not be called into the office of intercession. You may be a Sunday school teacher, a pastor of a small local church, a believer who enjoys doing the will of the Father, a simple church boy/girl. Please stay. Remember it is easy to attain the ladder of Fame and recognition but hard to sustain it. It is the World’s standard that makes us believe that we are “something” when we are in the eyes of everyone. God doesn’t see it that way. There is a saying that many are applauded here on earth but not applauded in the presence of God, in Heaven.

Because your friend is more celebrated than you or is manifesting his/her Giftings more than you, is not a yardstick for spiritual advancement or anything of that sort.

Healing the Sick and Opening the Blind eye is beyond someone on a stretcher or a man walking blindly with a stick. There are many out there, who are in spiritual darkness, that’s a blind person waiting for you to open their eyes. Some believers have not prayed or studied in days, that’s a spiritually sick person. Some people are dead spiritually, that’s a dead man to raise.

In 2020, even when nobody seems to notice you or you are only noticed by close friends and family. Stay. Don’t get jealous or crave for an announcement. Your Father in Heaven sees you and He wants you there, hidden. Remember, you are not living for the applause of man.

Be like my brother. Impact people who will In turn celebrate you in due time. Fight the good fight of faith in your secret place and enjoy your journey.

Don’t listen to whatever bull crap the devil will definitely come to feed you with. God sees you. God loves you. God is eager to welcome you home. Only if you’d stay hidden.

Mercy and Grace my dear Friend
Happy New Month
Merry Christmas in Advance 🎄
Molara. The King’s Daughter❤