Happy new month my love!!!!!! ❤

Yaaay. It is the second to the last month of the year 2019! Hasn’t God been so so good? 😩❤. If I was asked to summarize my 2019 in one word, I’d say BEAUTIFUL! 😍 and that’s not even because it was ALL beautiful. Lol. Of course I had down times –plenty of them, matter of fact– but the end result of every single thing I went through in the last 11 months is the Beauty God made out of it! Halleluya!

How about you? How would you describe the last 11 months? Remember that every single thing –Good AND Bad– works together for YOUR GOOD. Just stay aligned in His purpose and allow Him teach you to love Him. Your best is yet to come! God is going to do incredible things in the remaining days of the year! Did you see the rainbow on the first day of the month? That’s a sign. That’s a promise. That’s a reassurance. God’s got you. He’s got this.

First things first 😊
I am sorry😭😭😭. Yes. I am. I said that I was going to write a phase 2 of the last blog post (if you haven’t read the last post, please do so. Thank you❤) but you already know me by now🙈. I don’t write except I am permitted by the Holy Spirit to. I had started to write the second phase of the Mind Series and I felt this massive uneasiness in my spirit, I tried to ignore it and kept writing but the feeling wouldn’t just go. I knew immediately that the Holy Spirit did not want me to write. Honestly, I could blog every single day😁. There is always something to talk/write about, lol. But I am under the leadership of a Being. I am a Son and I have to be obedient to my Father, the Most High🤗.
For about 2 weeks, I caught the signal in my spirit that there was a blog post that the Holy Spirit wanted out but I could not figure out what it was about. I did not know what He wanted me to write about, so I kept praying and attentively listening for His voice in my spirit.

Today–on the day that you’ll be reading this, depending on when you clicked the link to read– I saw a photo of someone on a friend’s status and the caption showed that the person in the photo was a great son of God. The person in the photo is not a known face in the High Places of the Ministry, though known by a few people and myself.. Immediately, what came to my mind was “There are still 7000 who have not bowed their heads to Baal”.

For quite a long time now, the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me and I noticed that, it is the same for a number of people. A friend once told me “Whenever I am going through a process and I see other sons of God going through the same or almost the same, I know that I am in good company. God takes His sons through the same thing, because He is not sending us individually. He is raising an army and sending us out as an army”. I realised that, what I was going through–and still going through by the way– was/is the same for a few people that I know.

About 4 months ago. I was conversing with the Holy Spirit on my way to church and I said to Him “Holy Spirit, I am a changed person o. The characters I usually had a struggle with are now like they never existed. You have truly worked on me and I am grateful. So I can be like this?! Patient? High self esteem?”. I was truly happy with my growth. Almost immediately, In a bid to be better and grow I prayed “Dear God, I want you to amplify the voice of my innermost thoughts. Put a microphone to my mind, so that I can hear what I am truly thinking”.

God answered o. The answer shook me to my bones. No sooner did I start hearing myself loud and clear. For example, a lady with a bow leg would walk by and I’ll hear myself say “Na wa o. Which kind leg be this one sef (What kind of legs are these)? . With all the packaging”! Anytime, demeaning thoughts like that, ring loud in my ears, I always say to God “Eyy. God!! No, that was not me. I swear, I did not think that, you taught me better than that” and honestly, I did not think it😂 or at least mean to.

Unknowingly to me, there were pieces of weaknesses that God saw deep down that I had no idea I was capable of having. A better example is going for a program and I hear someone sing with either a bad voice or without the Spirit of God evident in the room. I’ll just hear myself say “What’s all this! Can (s)he get off the stage already? No voice. No fire. Who do they think they are to waste people’s time. I cannot even feel the Holy Ghost”! Ahhhhhhh! If you are in this shoe. Please step out of it! That is a sign of pride budding inside of you!

I ran back to God, asking plenty of “how did I get here” questions. I started to cry and ask God to help take them away. And, He has been doing just that. I would not say that it is all gone completely because I am still going through the process.

If you’d be honest with yourself, you know that you have a weakness, if not more than one. Unlike me, you are probably aware of yours already. It is glaring, not only in your eyes but those that surround you as well. Pride, Anger, Hatred for Correction, Unbirdled tongue . How about the addictions? You speak in tongues, yet you masturbate (The Lord delivered me from this and I am grateful) yet you watch porn, you keep that ungodly relationship in the name of “Love“, right before you step on the altar, you had sex. You prefer to listen to secular music because in your opinion, they have more chord progression and melody in their music than gospel and you call yourself a gospel musician yet dropping junks into your soul.

Enough of hiding under the anointing. Using your gifts to wear a mask and paint holiness that isn’t. That backbiting, that self righteous talk of “She can tell lies So well! I thank God I am not like that” is a weakness! In your heart of hearts, you know that you are only massaging your ego. Hmmmn!

The process. The drilling. The purging that I have been going through in the last 4 months has not been easy. Most of the time, I cry so hard at my wretchedness. Sometimes, it seems like my victory is near and then again, just one little circumstance would show me that I am far from it.

Naturally, I like to rush my process. Naturally, I feel that 4 months is enough to be over this infirmity but God has been teaching me to be patient with Him. I have resolved to stick to this purging for as long as it takes, I deeply want to be purged of these weaknesses. Many times, we like to just stay in the process and countdown to the day it ends, but, God has been teaching me to enjoy the process. That’s when we make the most of it.

I am learning every day to enjoy this Process and hold on to God for as long as it costs me to, for my total and absolute cleansing from my insides. Jesus said in John 15:2

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit, He PURGES so that it will even be more fruitful”

I am going through mine. If you are going through the same. It shows that you are aligned. You are not alone. There are others, going through the same

These are the 7000 who have not bowed to Baal. The Baal of Addictions. The Baal of Anger. The Baal of self righteousness and Glorification. The Baal of Greed. E. T. C

Ask yourself, are you one of the 7000? Honestly?

If you are not one of the 7000, I implore you to take the hands of Jesus right now. It is stretched right in front of you. Take His hands and allow Him purge you. It’s gonna be hurtful. But, you need it. The end is gain!

If you are amongst the 7000 who are in the purging and drilling process. Be encouraged. You are not alone in this. You are not a sinner. You are not messed up or good for nothing. Your calling is intact. Your future is still great. Your ministry is not amounted to nothing because of these weaknesses. What’s most important is that, you have surrendered yourself to our Lord Jesus Christ for deep purging. I pray that the Lord opens your eyes to see Him, right in the middle of these Workings in your soul. Remember, even Gold has to pass through fire. Guess what? He is right there with you in the fire. You can and will not be Burned! –Only Scarred by a few burns–What a joy I feel right now!!! 😂😂

Extra News? This purging is not going to end, until we see Him face to face. Don’t rush the process. The only way to bear fruits and truly be like Christ is by purging and the key is Cleanse/Purge as you Go! Don’t ever stop. Brace yourself for more. At the end, we will See Jesus. Only the Pure in Heart, will see Jesus. Remember that!

If you need any encouragement, please send a message to or leave a comment below. The Holy Spirit will encourage us both!

I love you!
The King’s Daughter❤


I was on the phone with one of my brothers who traveled to Germany a couple of weeks back and he said the only form of greeting that he has learnt since he arrived was “Hallos”. So here i am, greeting you same.

Hallos! 😁
I am super glad to be here with you again.

How have you been in the last few weeks, since the last blog post? Honestly, how has your secret place been? Have you been able to walk and live out all that the Holy Spirit taught us? Has it been easy? A little difficult? Really hard? You can share your experiences briefly in the comment box, I’d be glad to help and cheer you on in any way that I can. What are we for we for? 😁

I need to sincerely apologize to you for not posting last month. I was supposed to. The Holy Spirit already gave me a hint but I did not post because I was….selfish, actually. I did not want to talk about it because it was a little personal. And then, this month. He scolded me for not doing as He asked me to and also helped broaden this topic.

For this reason, I will be putting up two posts regarding this topic. Not a series but it is divided in two parts. Here is the first read. I pray that it meets you or any of your friends right where y’all are. Amen.

My friend, Vivian asked me a few days back,
“Lara, How is your heart”?
Lol. My reply though. Let’s leave that 😂

Now, I am asking you. What is the state of your Mind? What is your mind communicating to you? Positive or Negative Vibes?

I had a mild crush on someone last month. It was not intended, In any way. I had known the guy for a couple of months, seen his physique and fine face, but I honestly was not interested or attracted. But, I started to pay attention to him, because he was paying a lot of attention to me-I paid attention to his attention. Hahaha- he was always doting on me , being sweet and stuff. So, i started to think about him.

I knew deep down in my spirit that he was not “It”. Yet, I paid no attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit telling me to restore to default settings. I chose to bask in the feelings that was budding, the butterflies in my tummy, the ecstasy of staring at his eyes when we spoke, the turn our chat was beginning to take and all that stuff.

Gradually, I started to lose my peace. He was taking 30% of my thoughts and that was A LOT! I started to feel uncomfortable in my spirit. Sometimes, I’d just feel like crying for absolutely no reason. Then, I asked myself.
“Do I really want to be with this guy”? “Why am I attracted to this guy”?
I answered the second question myself.
“Absolutely No Reason”! It was not his intellectual prowess, it was not his spiritual life, it was not his level of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I literally could not point to one cogent reason to why I was attracted to him, except that his attention got my attention.

Right there and then, I started what I should have, a long time ago. I starved my feelings for him. I subjected every popping thought about him to the Holy Spirit. Thank God! It is history right now.

You can guess what would have happened if I had continued to bask in that infatuation.. Yes! You are right.
Lust would have set in.
My spiritual life would have been a disaster
I would have successfully asked the Holy Spirit to leave, indirectly.

Beloved. What have you let in to your mind? What was that seemingly harmless thought that has spread its virus into your thinking pattern and your way of life? Thinking about him looked harmless enough. Truly, what is wrong with having feelings for someone? Nothing actually.
But, is it healthy or unhealthy?
What is the devil speaking to you, about?

The Greatest Battle of any man is the battle of the Mind. Whatever Victory a man attains, starts with His mind. The Mind is a Spiritual Battle Ground.

The news of Hillsong leader who announced that his faith is on a shaky ground is not new to the most of us. Whatever reason it is, I don’t know for sure. But, I do know that there is something he is battling with in his mind! It must have started from a thought that came from a situation or circumstance or by someone’s words!

What do you do when you have a lot of things going through your mind and you do not feel like telling a soul about it?

Pray. Even when it seems hard to.
Speak into your mind. Your words are life
Say it over and over again till it becomes engraved on your heart.

I know how overwhelming the battle of the mind can be. I have been there. It was hard to pray. It was hard, at other times to even cry. But, rather than let it eat you inside out. Rather than let the devil throw more junks like your mind is some dumping ground. Let go of your strength and cry to God about it.

For some people, the battle is finding it hard to let go of a grudge or hate towards someone
For others, the feeling of being unloved, incapable, nobody-ness, struggle to be accepted, doubt of the completion of a project.

Staying in that state. Trying to fight that battle alone will only reduce your productivity. Shut you out of many opportunities and open doors that can be a massive breakthrough to your academics, business, finances, marital and spiritual life.

It puts a blockage to the ears of your spirit man and shuts out God’s voice speaking to you.

It’s easier said than done, yeah?

Well, I hope you get inspired by the story of the Greatest person ever liveth and still living.

Jesus Christ, the procurer of your salvation, had a hard time giving himself away for the sacrifice at the last minute. Before He went to Gethsemane to pray, He had battled it in His Mind if He still wanted to go ahead with it.

When He spoke it all out in prayer. He won the battle.

Hey love, you are not alone in this. Christ has been in your shoes, been neglected, despised, hungry, homeless, deserted by his family. Guess what? He is smiling from heaven with his hands stretched out to you to exchange your weakness for His strength. In all honesty, He knows about it.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

If you cannot pray alone. Talk to one or two trusted friends to inteeceed for you. Jesus did the same (even though they slept through the prayers, until the last one 😂)

You are an amazing person. You are anointed.
Vivian would say, the reason why you have so much to deal with, so many battles to fight is because you are anointed.

Your destiny in Jesus is Glorious and the devil, knowing this has prepared battles to deter you and make you lose your focus. But, hey! You are an overcomer. Take it from me and the Holy Spirit!

Part Two would be up soon.
I love you. I am praying for you.

The King’s Daughter ❤


Hi there Newbie! You are so welcome to my blog! I started a series on the Holy Spirit, a couple of weeks ago. This is the last topic on the series and i truly want you to understand, so please read up past posts before you read this. It’s only going to take a few minutes! Thanks.

Faaaam! Glory to God in the Highest! It’s been quite a journey with the Holy Spirit, yeah? Will you please join me to take a minute, to thank God for gracing us with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit?

In Jesus Name, we give thanks. Amen.

I am so excited in my Spirit. The feedbacks, the testimonies that I have heard, as regards, the other posts, are truly humbling. People who rededicated their lives. People who burned with a fiery desire and passion for intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Some people don’t even want the power again 😂, they say Jesus’ presence is already enough!..

Oh my! God is good. He truly is.

I do not intend to make this post long anyways. But, the Holy Spirit is the anchor of this Ship, yeah? I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this post, does not only meet you right where you are but, erupts a supernatural synergy between you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

Amos 3:3 NIV

God, the Father had a meeting with God, the son and God, the Holy Spirit, they agreed to make man. Not just a man. But, a man in their likeness and image. There was an agreement. So God, the Father made the clay. God, the Son gave the clay life. God, the Holy Spirit empowered the clay to be fruitful and multiply.

This is where Partnership began.

Now, I want to engage your mind and imagination. Let us assume a scene after the fall of Adam. Imagine the Trinity called for a meeting, saying.
“Adam. You have fallen short of Our Glory. You can no longer stay here, because you are now corrupted. However, because I loved my fellowship with you. I would want to make another man and woman to replace you. As my very first man-creation, I thought to tell you that I’ll like to make them in my image, after my likeness, just as I have made you”.

You do know what Adam would have done, don’t you? He would have refused vehemently! He’d want to remain really special, so he’d most probably, tell God to only make the next set of man-creation in His image, but not after His likeness.


Tell God to give them one eye, instead of two. Two noses instead of one. Three legs instead of two and stuff.

At the end of the day, God will abandon the project. If God had told the Israelites, let’s say in a meeting, inside the temple, that their Messiah was going to be born really poor and in an inn, they would have disagreed with God and told God not to. God may have been unable to do as He wanted because the people He was trying to “work” with to acquire their salvation, wanted it differently.

We are just the same. God tells you He wants you to learn to play basketball, that He’s got plans. Yet, you say to Him that Basketball is not a lucrative sport in Nigeria, you’d rather play football.

The importance and power of Partnership cannot be underrated. God saw the unity in the agreement of the people who had started to build the tower of Babel. He had to disrupt the plans…

Can two walk together, except they agree to do so?

Are you and God agreeing together on your life, business, ministry and relationship, right now? Honestly?

Let me state one of the many reasons why Partnership with the Holy Spirit is a thing too hard for many Christians.

We have become unsubmissive. It is possible to have surrendered to the leading of the Spirit and yet not Submitted to the Leadership of the Spirit.

Yes. You have asked Jesus to come into your life. You are surrendered now. You have asked that He takes over your entire life. It’s kind of easy to surrender.

Yet. God says, “Okay. You have surrendered. I’d love you to go on a 10 day dry fast and I’ll tell you the next thing to do to attain the fufillment of your purpose”.

That’s when you’d say. “God. But I have given my life to you. I will do anything you ask me to, anything, but this. I think it’s too much. You’re being hard on me”.

You have not submitted. The Bible says in Proverbs 3:5-6
“Submit to the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding and He will teach you what path to take”

It is truly not so simple. Submission takes a whole lot, if not everything, from you. It is a sacrifice on its own. I gave an example in “Call to Deeper”, where a death is announced in your neighbourhood, and instead of rushing down to raise the dead, because you have been empowered to.. You stay mute in your house, because the Lord has restrained you from going.. That is submitting to the Holy Spirit and doing Only what He say, do. It is not so easy and this is why you need to be broken all the time.

Broken in the Spirit. Brokenness does not start and end at crying our eyes out while giving our lives to Christ. It is a constant process. The brokenness of yesterday cannot stand the tests and trials of tomorrow.

A Person who is not Broken in Spirit will find it hard to submit to the leadership of the Spirit. Jesus had an imapctful ministry while on earth because He Partnered with the Holy Spirit. The Bible says “Jesus went about doing good, being baptized with the Holy Ghost and Power”.

The Holy Spirit did not just empower Him for the work ahead. He was with Him 24/7. He was led by the Spirit to the wilderness to fast 40 days and nights! If Jesus was not submissive, He would have started His ministry immediately He got out of the water. God just said He was pleased in Him. Lol.

Jesus was not only God in Man. He was Flesh too. Yes. The Bible puts it as thus “The Word made Flesh”. This means, He had the ability to err. But, He did not. Because, He had the Holy Spirit, not just to show off, but to Partner with.

Let me quickly point out an example of Jesus’ Partnership with the Holy Spirit from a short story in the Bible.

When Lazarus was sick and word was sent to Jesus about it. Why did Jesus stay back? When Jesus eventually went, after four days. He said that He tarried, so that God will be glorified. Remember, Jesus was flesh too, and Lazarus was a very dear friend to Him. I am sure, at some point, Jesus would have wished to hurry and heal His friend.

Yet, I sensed that the Holy Spirit must have whispered to His ears saying

“No. Don’t go yet. It’s not time”
Jesus did not argue, as most of us would have tried to. He simply submitted to Him because the Holy Spirit knew better. He stayed. And God was truly glorified.

There are other scriptural references but, I particularly chose this, because this was what the Holy Spirit explained to me when I was studying this story, late last year.

Fast Forward, to the place of Ministry.

It’s amazing that you have a relationship with God, but I hope you know that God doesn’t want you alone. He wants your friends, your neighbors, your classmates and everyone around you, to know Him too.

And it is not in any human wisdom, skill, knowledge or understanding to win any soul to God. It is solely the working of the Holy Spirit. You are a mouthpiece. God will not come in His Mightiness to talk to someone. He needs you to do it.

This is another dimension of Partnership. Work needs to be done. Souls need to be saved. Healings have to take place. Deliverances need to take place.

I used to be content with my intimate relationship with God. I felt it was the only thing I needed. Until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see how selfish I would be, if I do not lead other people to do the same. Jesus said we should make disciples of all nation.

He charged us to. He would do the convicting. We do the talking. And, because the Holy Spirit is the senior Partner, we do not take the Glory for ANYTHING! He makes it happen. We have only been privileged to be a Vessel.

In a world that is dominated by darkness. We need to shine the light. We cannot do that, locked up in our closets, loving God and enjoying our relationship with the Holy Spirit, while we leave our friends and the world to wallow and die in darkness.

It is time for Kingdom Business. The harvest is plenty, but, the labourers are few.

Soldiers. It is time to get to work. It is time for war. God is trusting us to change the world. To shout His Name.

Intimacy and Fellowship is very important. Partnership is also important! That is the only channel to shout the name of Jesus. Remember faith without works is dead. We need that bowl of fire. We need the burning wine.

Intimacy and Fellowship is the drive that we will need to genuinely partner with God. Because, it is in the place of intimacy and fellowship that we learn the ways of God, the Hows, Where, Whys of our individual call and ministry.

I know a lot of us love God and we want to die in His presence. But, we would be selfish to have Him to ourselves alone. That can be accounted as a sin of disobedience, because Jesus already charged us to WORK in the Vineyard.

Before, I round off. I’ll like to add that PARTNERSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT IS PERSONAL and General too. But, I’m going to dwell on the personal.

It does not matter if Apostle Joshua Selman is your Father in the Lord. It does not matter if Bishop Oyedepo has laid hands on you a million times or you got prophecies about your beautiful future.

If you cannot partner with the Holy Spirit in your personal walk with Him. He won’t trust you to obey His word when He sends the whole Army out.

Partnership is Obedience. It is total surrender. It is submission. It is a Work-Relationship.

If you don’t learn to partner with the Holy Spirit, you can never have a ministry. Because! The Holy Spirit will only work with, someone that He can trust. Trust is built in your closet.

Finally. The Lord said something to me today (on the day, that i wrote this post, incase you read it some other day) that got me crying really hard. He said

“My Generals are Sleeping. There is no time. The World is going to see me in a might that has never ever been seen before. But, my Generals are sleeping. There are no gatekeepers”

Intimacy and Fellowship is not enough. One of the reasons Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to us, is for the sake of the “Greater Works” that He said we would do.

May the Holy Spirit Help us to be submissive and may He empower us to do Greater Works. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Intimacy. Fellowship. Partnership.

I thank God for this series. I bless His Holy Name for all that He has taught us.

Thank you for being faithful to reading the series. I am most grateful to you. I love and value you!

See you soon!

The King’s Daughter 💜

A Call To Deeper

Hello dear. How are you today? 😊. I am so glad that you have decided to redefine your Christian life and most importantly, your relationship with Jesus.

Can i pray for you?

The grace to keep this fire of intimacy that you have received, is bestowed upon you. The Lord will be your strength in your time of weakness. As the deer pants for waters, so shall your spirit and soul long after God. You will be unable to stop chasing. You will never be satisfied. You will NEVER be satisfied. I launch you to a realm of encounters with the Lord and the Host of Heaven. It is well with your soul. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Thank you so very much for following the Holy Spirit series, faithfully. I appreciate your likes, your comments and your shares. You have a very special place in my heart and I want you to know that I am praying for you.

I believe the Holy Spirit has expounded the teachings on Intimacy in your hearts during quiet time. Please, don’t stop at reading on the blog, take each topic back to the Holy Spirit when you are alone, so that He will teach you beyond the texts. It is more important to do that. You are not excluded from receiving rhemas too, you don’t have to be a Pastor to know the Word.

Today, we are moving to the next word on the Holy Spirit series. Boy! am I happy about the beautiful things the Holy Spirit taught us on Intimacy. The testimonies I have received are amazeballs! And I am so thankful to the Holy Spirit. Are you?


I want to quickly begin by saying…again, it is never truly enough to say it.. That JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN! Please don’t join the crowd that always reply with “It’s been said over a hundred years ago.. yet, no sign of Him”

Hmmmnn. It is well.

Recently, while I was seated in the car, i looked out the window, looked at the many people standing, sitting, walking, discussing and the buildings that were aesthetically put in place. I thought to myself and I saw with the eyes of the Spirit, how these same places would only be filled with fire and smoke. No buildings. No green grasses. No cars. No busy roads. A few people who are running helter skelter to find refuge against the wrath of God..

The World would have finally come to an end. Finally. To the shame of many doubters. And, to the joy of some others.

Once again, we give thanks to the Holy Spirit, who in this time and season, is already teaching us practical steps to enable us stand by boldly and joyful at His coming.

Without further ado, we have established during the last two teachings that Intimacy is Closeness to God. Closeness to Jesus. Closeness to the Holy Spirit. It is the foundation of having a relationship with God.

How many of us have lost friends because we failed to check up on them due to distance? I mean friends that we were really really close to. Sometimes, distance makes checking up on them a little difficult and slowly, we lose touch. We lose the friendship. And in most cases, It becomes a shadow of what it used to be.

In the same vein, intimacy can be lost if there is no Fellowship.

Intimacy is not the real thing, to be honest. It is a contributing factor to the real thing.. Fellowship is the real thing.

It is never easy for a new convert, a drunkard for instance, to completely let go of his drinking habit, the minute he says the salvation prayer.

Absolutely not!

You might say, but he’s now a new creature. Aren’t old things supposed to be passed away?

Yes. You are right. Pass away, not Completely vanish.. Everything in life is a process. Christianity is a process.

Also, the new creature needs to grow. Nobody expects a new born to start talking, walking and doing adult things in a day. Even as a child grows, he matures out of child habits into teenage/adult habits.

So, intimacy with the Holy Spirit is a process thing. You grow in it. Intimacy is sustained by Fellowship. Intimacy thrives on Fellowship. Consistent Fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

This is why, we feel like we are in love with God today, we cannot stop jumping about in excitement about how we feel about God, and tomorrow, all that love is nowhere to be found. It is why, a lot of people can feel so much fire after a prayer meeting and in two days, the fire fizzles out.

Fellowship is a Key to sustaining anything received in the Spirit. Consistent Fellowship.

Fellowship is a Relationship.

If you want to stay/feel/be close to the Holy Spirit all the days of your beautiful life. Dedicate time for Fellowshipping with Him. The Holy Spirit is such a be-au-ti-ful Spirit. He is a romantic, I tell you. Lol. Just like your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend or any lover at all, He loves attention and He loves to have your attention unshared! He loves privacy. He loves to tell secrets, and you already know that secrets are not supposed to be told to many ears, just the one that needs to hear it. The one who is available at the time for the gist.

You know how they say, you never know a man or woman fully until you marry him/her. Lol. You’ll never know the fullness and dimensions of God if you don’t marry Him in fellowship. Fellowship serves you the whole table, not the crumbs that fall from the Table.

Fellowship is Communion.

What happens during Holy Communion at your church?
Bread is broken and Wine is shared. I know that a lot of us are hungry for God. Hungry for Revelations, for encounters. The table of Fellowship is a place to have a plate of all that you seek In God. It is a place where you eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood in more quantities than you will at church. It is undiluted and intoxicating. It is a burning wine.

This isn’t talking about the House Fellowship Centres you attend or the next worship meeting you’ll attend.

I am talking about your SECRET PLACE. That dark, yet bright place where it is just you and God.

In the place of Communion. There is always an exchange. You give God your time, your voice to sing and talk to Him, your eyes to read the word, your ears to listen and He, in turn presents you a banquet of spiritual delicacies. Just as in Revelation 20.. He has knocked at the door of your heart. You recognized His voice and you have opened up to Him. God never visits emptyhanded.

If Jesus showed up in your room, this minute. Who is in for mind blowing things?

You, right?

Who will be more excited?
It would be Jesus.

You most probably thought that I’d say you. Lol.

Well, i said Jesus because, the minute you start to understand that Jesus is equally excited, in love, happy with you as you are about Him. It’d be easier to grant Him access and spend time with Him. He is in love with you, than you will ever know!

Fellowship is Consecration.

Deciding to fellowship with God is saying to Him
“Lord. You are the first thing on my bucket list. What would you have me do? What are you doing in the world today? How do I prepare for what you said I’d be and do for your kingdom”?

A lot of us know that we have been called into the Kingdom Ministry. Honestly speaking. Everyone (believer and unbeliever) is Called! Only Few are Chosen. The chosen ones are those who have set themselves apart for God. Made a conscious decision to live wholly for God.

Fellowship with God Is not a Child’s play. It is not… Pray today.. No time to pray tomorrow… Study the word today.. No time to study the word tomorrow…

It is God’s will that you be consecrated unto Him. But, it is your job to bring yourself to the place of Consecration. Consecration is painful, to be honest, because it will conform you to the image of the Son, Jesus Christ, (something Mr. flesh hates and will fight you tooth and nail for). Fellowshipping with God is the only way to completely subdue Mr. Flesh.

Will you sow consistently to the place of Fellowship, henceforth?

Fellowship and Feelings don’t work Hand in Hand.

Vivian: Hey dear, how’d your day go?
Lara: Very well! It was a productive day.
Vivian: Aww! Great. Were you able to pray and study the Word today?
Lara: Actually, no.
Vivian: Oh! Why?
Lara: I didn’t feel up to it. There was no drive. I’ll make sure I do, tomorrow.

That is an instance. A lot of us reading this post right now, find ourselves in this place. We do not feel up to praying. We do not feel up to studying. We do not feel up to talking to God. We expect, to be prompted or asked to, like kids.

We do not feel we should brush our teeth, we do not feel we should be on our phones all day long.. But we do these things, without being told.

To establish a strong and consistent fellowship with God. You really need to flush down your feelings in the toilet!

God prompts us, no lies. He prompts us to wake at certain times to pray or study for a prophetic purpose. But if you are one to ALWAYS wait on the Holy Spirit to tell you to open your Bible before you do so..

Grow up!

We need to mature past taking milk. This is why lukewarmness in the Spirit is like your handbag. This is why, you are gullible to every teaching, any “Man of God” preaches.

It is time to pray even when you don’t feel like.
It is time to sing to God even when you do not feel like.
It is high time you read the word, whether you want to or not!

If your strength fails you in the day of adversity. It means you had no strength in the first place. The times when you don’t feel like praying, but you pray, is preparing you. A time is coming when Praying will be like drinking water after days of thirst. It will be a luxury.

When the great tribulation starts.. Churches will be a dreaded place to go. You won’t have to feel like praying, to pray. Build your strength now. Build your strength NOW! When you can.

It further shows God the level of your commitment to Him. To His Kingdom and a proof of your love for Him.

Lastly, my lovers. Fellowshipping with God is not limited to your rooms. You can commune with Him anywhere, anytime. He is OmniPresent, yeah?

I have shared in several places, how, one of the songs that I received from God and has been a huge blessing to lives, was received on the road. Fellowship is beyond the four walls of the your room. Beyond the four walls of the Church. It starts in your Heart and Spirit. Wherever you do it, is only a physical location.

I hope this post met you right where you are and blessed you as much as it blessed me while writing it.

Here is the link to download the song I mentioned ealier. I hope it drives you deeper to the place of Intimacy and Fellowship with Our King.

Molara – Secret Place

I love you so much!
The King’s Daughter❤

Paying attention to God’s Heartbeat.. Intimacy(2)

It’s so good to have you here, again! Thank you so much for reading, liking and dropping your comments on the last post. I am most grateful to you for praying and sharing the post. I saw you, yes, I did! Thank you, again! 💜

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this post meets you right where you are. I pray that you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as you read. Amen.

We are in a very funny generation. Very funny one. The kind of things that are happening now are worth weeping for, they are worth asking for the ground to open and swallow us! Immorality, Sexual sins, all sort of degrading and shaming things have become the “norm”.

On the other hand, the ones who are supposed to uphold the Gospel, the ones who are supposed to be the “light” set on an hill, have their arms folded and mouths asking for things they cannot handle and have no understanding about!


Here is something John said over 2000 years ago.. The Holy Spirit is reiterating it.

The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.
Luke 3:9 NIV

I pray again, that this message meets you right where you are. I truly bless God for what He has started to do for a while now, the emergence of generals who are going to take over is becoming more evident each passing day. The faces of His sons who have dwelled long enough in the Secret Place are now in the open. The likes of Apostle Joshua Selman, Lawrence Oyor, Theophilus Sunday, to mention a few.

But! Hehehe. Can I shock you, dear friend?

A greater than Apostle. A greater one that Lawrence and Theophilus, is emerging! Our God is RICH in dimensions and to be very honest with us. We have not even smelt the SONS of God yet! Please do not get me wrong. These men are sons of God oo, but, do you really think that what we have seen in these men are ALL that there is to God?

Verily i say to you. Soon. You will see people who will walk in greater dimensions than these men. Men, who at the sound of their voices, walls will crack, generators will stop working, Nepa would be unable to hold the light down, a sinner will begin to confess sins without being asked for!

These Men… These men that God will USE and Glorify Himself In, like He did Jesus…would be Men of Intimacy. Men of the Secret Place.

Not Men of Power. Not Men of Signs and Wonders.

But, Men of LOVE. Men who are insanely in Love with Him.

Can I quickly ask you a question?
Who would you rather be seen everywhere with.. A friend who is always there for you, who is not ashamed to talk about you and would scream on the rooftop how much they love you OR someone who only smiles and checks up on you on your birthday or when they need something from you?

The former, yeah?

Which of these friends have you been to God?

It is well.

On my way out, one afternoon, the Holy Spirit asked… “What is Power and Fire, without Surrender”?

That’s the point we are! We want the Power and Fire of God. We want to be endued with the Power from On High but do not want to first Love the God from where the power flows.

We celebrate the “powerful” men of God, but are oblivious of the passionate lovers of God, who do not hold so much Healing crusades or all over the Internet. We do not celebrate the passionate and genuine worshippers. We celebrate the ones who sings a list of songs that appeals to our ears and bodies. Insensitive Generation!

Holy Spirit, take over.

John said,

I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Luke 3:16 NIV

“With the Holy Spirit And Fire”. He did not say “With Fire and the Holy Spirit”. There is an order. Before the disciples gathered in the upper room. Jesus, already breathed the Holy Spirit into them (John 20:22) and the sweet Holy Spirit had started working the Love of Christ on their insides. The Fire they received in the upperroom was just for the “Work”.

We preach the DOINGS of Christ. We do not preach Christ in this generation. My love, the hardest thing to do is LOVE because its language is SACRIFICE AND OBEDIENCE.

Jesus had the power, did He not? There was no point in Jesus’ ministry that He had a hard time manifesting power, except on the Cross! Right there and then, Love was the Most important thing to Him.

Jesus did not have to produce sweat as thick as blood to perform a miracle. But, you see that sweat was produced when He wanted to demonstrate the Greatest Love Ever!

We have been selfish. Selfish to God. Selfish to the destinies we have been tied to. Selfish to the generations coming after us. God so LOVED the world that He sent Jesus. He loved the world. And all He is asking, is that the same people love Him too.

Intimacy is a Price. Loving God comes with a Price. But, we prefer to show the world the works of Christ than show the Character of Christ.

Again, I say. It is well.

On the last day. Jesus said, some will say to Him. I healed the sick in your name. I cast out demons in your name. Yet… Yet… He will say to them I know ye not.

May this never be our portion.

How would you react if a complete stranger walks up to you in the midst of your friends and claims to know you? Jesus will Not recognize anybody He is not in a relationship with.

Lovers recognize themselves anywhere. There is a connection. An established connection.

Quickly, I will share a few things about Intimacy. So that you’d not only understand, but you’d do a check up on yourself..

¶Intimacy starts with the brokenness of the heart and transcends to Brokenness in Spirit. David said in the book of Psalms. A broken heart AND a broken spirit thou will not despise (other translation say Contrite).

Have you seen a sinner who has just encountered God in a meeting? He is shattered as the weight of Gods reality dawns on Him and all his sins is open in the light of God’s love. That’s a sign of a broken heart. That Vulnerability. That’s your first step to developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The said sinner wants to be familiar with this God who has said that He loves him with all of His past, because He wonders.. Who does that?

I always wanted to be in touch with any guy I was dating. Always wanted to know how he was doing. If he was eating right. I would go to my ex boyfriend’s house every week, at the time, because I saw it as a means of making our relationship stronger. Sadly, I did not give so much energy and time to my relationship with God, then.

Sadly, many of us are in this same shoes that I wore. It’s nothing to beat yourself so much about. You can start by taking your legs off from those shoes. Then, Give God your hand and let Him lead you to a life of intimacy with Him.

As you intimately grow with God, your heart is mended and your Spirit becomes the Broken one. The Bible said, that as many are led by the Spirit, they are called the Sons of God. Everybody’s channel to the Holy Spirit is their spirit, this is why the Bible says that the Spirit bears witness with our spirit. If your spirit is not broken, my dear friend.
Broken in surrender. Broken in Love. You can never be led of the Spirit because an unbroken spirit is never sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

You may ask. What is an unbroken spirit?

An unbroken spirit is one that is not subject or surrendered to God. One that is bound by self. Self will, self love, self anything you can think of. This is why Intimacy is a continuous thing, you just got to keep loving this God till eternity. That’s all you’ll have to do and give when you get to the Father, anyway. No blind eye to open. No dead to raise. It’s just a Father and His Children. Basking in His Glory and Love Forever.

Sweetfruit. It is not hard to love the Lord. The place of Intimacy is a Place of Growing and Fanning the Flame of Love for God. It is a place of Worship.

Worship is not an expression of Power.

It is an expression of Love.

When God said He seeks worshippers in truth and spirit. He didn’t mean someone to show him the miracles he can perform. He meant someone who will respond to His Heartbeat per time! How else can we respond to the Heartbeat of this loving God if we do not dwell in a place of Intimacy? If we don’t spend hours upon hours singing, studying His word, loving up on Him, without praying any prayer point?

We are fond of asking because it was how we were brought up in the Christian Faith.
What was that routine again?

Thanksgiving. Ask for forgiveness. State your needs and wants. Thank Him for answered Prayers.

Lol! Kai!

How many of us ask God, “what can I do for you, today? How do I make you smile”?

We are pretty much asking for Power to show that we dey here. See, I am not saying that it is bad. It is not. But, we are asking for the right thing for the wrong reasons. Many of us know, that we do not love God enough and when we get endued with the Power (because He will give it), we would leave His Presence and be all about glorifying ourselves.

God, help us.

My dear friend has given me the permission to share her recent revelation here (paraphrased). Please read carefully as it will better give us a picture for my last point.

“I was in a car with a popular artiste, we were driving round and we passed by schools. For every school that we stopped by.. There was always a different someone saying to the Pupils.. There is Fire. There is a Revival! Come Everyone of You and be a part of this Revival. Suprisingly the pupils will gather together with so much enthusiasm and keen attention. They listened to each speaker but they did not seem to “feel” the revival or the Fire. They were as normal as they were, a week ago”.

Children of God. If we are not careful. We will end up like the speakers in that revelation. If we do not take our love life with the Holy Spirit more seriously. If we do not keep alive our altar of Intimacy. We will only shout and scream reviaval and Fire, yet, NOTHING will be shown as a proof of what we are saying.

Matter of Fact, God is really being careful about casting His pearl before swines. If you do not have a relationship with God. You will get not as close as a “feel” of the Power and Fire you are screaming your lungs out for.

One last important thing that intimacy does is Pruning! To prune, is to cut off useless parts in anything. Jesus said, to bear more fruits, there has to be a pruning (John 15:1-2).

Power without Pruning is massive destruction. Pruning takes place in the Secret Place and only God’s beloveds will be pruned. This is where surgeries in the Spirit takes place. Our hearts, our thoughts, our wills, our desires are worked on, they begin to conform and align with only what God wants. At the end of the day, there is nothing hidden in us that causes us to fall short of God’s expectation when we manifest His Power.

Those who have been pruned, by abiding in Jesus, the Vine, are the ones whose spirits will be attracted and be pulled upward at the sound of the trumpet, on the last day.

This is what distinguishes Sons from Babes.

You may hear the news of someone who just died in your street, you know that if you go there, the dead will rise because you have truly been endued with the Power. But, you sit still. Not out of pride. But because your Father has said so. You love Him too much to disobey Him. At that time, Your Father’s will is more important that what He can do through you.

Oh God! Help us! Cause us to fall madly in love with You.

My dear, it is good to ask for power and fire. But first, LOVE God. Build a relationship with Him.

To end this rather long post. Another dear friend, sent me a message at past 5am this morning with a song the Angels woke Him up with and the lyrics goes thus.

“Prepare the Way. Big Daddy is Coming. Prepare the way for the one who sits upon the Throne. Prepare the Way Big Daddy is coming”.

You already know it’s the sound of rapture, yh?

I want you to know that I love you very much!

Please go back to the secret place and ask God to teach you to love Him. Tell Him how much you Value His Presence more than His Power. Tell Him how badly you want to Chase Him than what He can give to you. He will hear you and He will place His love in your heart, you will be unable to fathom and hold back the feeling!

I leave you in His Hands.
The King’s Daughter 💜

Intimacy (1)

How do I start to tender my apology?
Hey fam! It feels like donkey yearsss, yeah? I am deeply sorry. I truly am. I missed writing on the blog!

How have you been? Good? Better than the last time we were here? How has your journey with the Holy Spirit been, too?

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to us! Thank you for encouraging me to keep up with this! You may never know how much y’all do for me by reading, liking and commenting on every post i write. Thank you. May God truly bless you.

As directed by the Holy Spirit, i will be starting a series on Three words that pretty sums up His Ministry to Believers. Please, do well to follow up on each day that I’d write.

Intimacy. Fellowship. Partnership.

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this post, which I’ll try to make as brief as I can, through the help of the Holy Spirit, meets you right where you are. Amen.

I have been particularly bothered on how to start this series, because of certain set of people. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to help reach out to them first. If you find yourself in any of the categories below, I want you to know that I love you and my heart prays deeply for you, because I care about you. About your eternity.

°Lukewarm Christians
°Church Goers

My heart, truly weeps as I type this. I am not sure words can do justice to how I feel, but I want to plead with you in these words


Please.. He is calling incessantly. He knows, deep within you, that you seek true peace. You seek joy and not happiness. You seek contentment. You seek Love. You seek HIM…

Time is running out! It doesn’t look like it is. It seems like the world would keep running for another millennial years, but it isn’t. The Bible says that the Lord will come LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT. Unannounced. You cannot be neither Hot nor Cold for Him Forever. His coming is so so close.

Please stop Religion. Stop the activities. Chase Him. Chase His Heart. There is no satisfaction in Partying. Drinking. Smoking. Having multiple boyfriends/girlfriends. These things will fail you at the end of the day.

The Time to Give God EVERYTHING is Now!! The Time to Enjoy God’s Love is Now!! RUN TO HIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! This is not to scare you. But, things are changing. Very soon, I assure you. None of these things will matter. Ambitions, Careers, Dreams and all, will NOT matter. God will only relate with those who have been willing enough to Love Him back. He would not pay attention or give respect to an “activity” Christian or a punctual Sunday service attendant. He would only pour out Himself to those who have opened up to Him in Obedience. In love and Sacrifice. Then.. Just then… This world that is turnioniown will be turned downside up! Because of the Generals God has raised.

See dear, God has watched you cry several times because that guy/girl you loved with your all, treated you like garbbage. He has seen, the many times you consented to sexual sins because you hoped it would keep him with you. His heart broke many times, when you thought to have the fun of your life by indulging in drugs, alcohol, smoking and getting high.

At the end of the day, you are not satisfied. At the end of the day, there’s always a void in your heart that needs to be filled. You know there is something missing, except you do not want to be truthful to yourself. You know.

Darling, it’s okay to stop struggling. It’s so okay to stop trying and living life for once. It’s okay to seek God even in the midst of friends who are sponsoring your adventure with the devil. It’s okay to break out of the cycle. It’s okay to walk out of toxic relationships and friendships. It’s okay to take a long walk, deep breaths and cry to your Father, the ONLY one who truly loves you with all His heart. You can Know God too. You can experience Him and the Power of His love too. You can love and talk about Him like Molara or Any other person that you know, does.

God loves you already. It doesn’t matter how messed up, you think your life is at this moment. Jesus came for you and me.. The imperfect ones..

You have probably tried to find Him in the ways that you can, you have searched for this Loving God in places you expected to Find Him, but all you found was emptiness.. You don’t even believe that He exists because of your futile search..
Don’t look further.

He is here with you right now.. He wants you to love Him, as much as He loves you. He wants to be intimate with you. He wants to teach you. He wants to stroke your cheeks softly. He wants to tell you many things. He wants to be your best friend. He wants to know all about your day. He wants to show you first hand that He is REAL! As real as your arms are to your sides.

Even as you read this. He is enveloping you with His Love. His arms are spreading all over you. You will feel His Presence.

Before, I lead you to pray. I want to quickly share some words of Prayer, Jesus said on your behalf to the Father, before He was nailed to the Cross.

My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me
John 17:20-‬23 NIV

P. S: My Maturing Brethren in Christ. Please do me the favour of joining me in interceeding (right now, if you may) for anyone in these category, who might read this.

To you, my sweetheart. Just close your eyes and say these words.

“Lord, I am tired of running round in circles. I am broken, I am empty, I feel so worthless, I feel (say that which you really feel), I need you. I know that you are real. I want to truly live for you. Help me surrender completely. Help me pursue your Kingdom. Help me pursue your heart. Help me pursue you. I know you will reveal yourself to me, even as I pray right now. I choose to rest in your love. I choose to stay with you. I choose to enjoy your love. Thank you for taking me back”.

Now. Try as much as you can, to believe what you are about to say next. Say it as many times as you can, until the words become engraved upon your heart.

“I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus.”

Can you feel the warmth inside you?


Thank you for saying those words with me. I am praying for you. Please feel free to reach out to me by either dropping a comment here or my social media handles

Instagram @_molarra__

Facebook: Molara Olusesi.

Let’s meet at the Master’s feet tomorrow, strong meat shall be served!

Thank you for reading. I love you💜

You need ENEMIES

You just might need to read this! Please do.

Simply Ugochi

Hi readers, I’m so glad to be back here. I’m super surprised at myself that I stayed away this long. I miss blogging so much. So here’s a quick catch up on what I’ve been up to. I’ve been living well and acquiring skills. I realized that I can’t write except I’m really calm and so it was hard putting pen to paper (or in this case putting fingers to screen) while I was occupied this past weeks and if you are new to my blog, here’s a big welcome ❤. I’m so glad to have you here.

In my blog, I write about love. The God’s kind of love as it relates to people, relationships, character, money, faith and all things God. I’m glad you are here. You might want to check my archives. You’ll definitely find some of the most amazing insights in there. Thanks to God.


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Hold on. He’ll find you.

I just realised that it’s been two months since my last post🙈🙈. Oh my days! I am really sorry though. A whole lot has happened in two months, i hope i do justice to my summary though😞.

I am presently listening to “I’ll find you by Lecrae ft Tori Kelly”. I love what this song does to my mood and it’s perfect rn.

The lyric, I’d quickly like to share because it relates to the title of the blog post in a way.

“Just fight a little longer my friend

It’s all worth it in the end

But when you got nobody to turn to

Just hold on and I’ll find you

Back to the summary. *heaves a deep sigh”

Sometime in July, the early days, i absconded from home to attend a camp meeting with my friends, just because mum won’t let me😁. She wanted me to camp at home, lol.

Camp was a new beginning for me and my friends. The beginning that unfolded from a former beginning (giving our lives to Christ). We were broken and greatly remoulded, it was three days alone talking, praying, studying, communing and intercoursing with the Father. Friends, it was bliss!

One major day that stands out for me-and my friends, I’m pretty sure- was the second day after being broken the night before. We were worshipping, it was the first meeting for the day and you can imagine how we worshipped, we had just been broken! We worshipped as broken vessels and as we worshipped, we started seeing things in the Spirit, individually. The things that God showed us individually broke us even more and then, i was on my knees, worshipping my lover💖 when all of a sudden, i felt a presence right in front of me (i had seen Angels roundabout our benches ealier and i saw HIM walking with a smile on HIS face as HE watched us). I became really weak, i did not know when i started crying uncontrollably, saying, “The King is Here”!! . He was right in front of me, i couldn’t try to look at HIM, i was too weak but i seized that opportunity to pour my love on Him way more than i had since we started. I can never forget that moment, it went for a long time. We were lost in HIS Glory! 🌟🌟

It was at camp that i learnt about brokenness in its true light. The difference between brokenness in heart and brokenness in Spirit. God bless Pastor Emmanuel! The state of being broken at heart, sadly, is where most Christians are (i was so there until camp💔) I actually do not intend to make this post lenghthy than it really should, so, if you want to know more about the difference between brokenness of the heart and Spirit, for y’all who are my friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram who would read this post, slide into my DM. Others can mail me also.

You’re probably wondering where my song/title really fits in. Well, you see, after being exposed to so much heavenly radiation, sight, fire and encounters, you’d expect that i became literal fire and live the literal “ye are smaller gods” walking the earth life”. I thought that too 😂😂 but no be so e be (that’s not how it turned out).

I fell ill, really ill, i thought i was gon’ die. That was not even the real issue but i was angry.

How can i be this sick? How can i be sick at all? Did you not anoint me at camp? Did you not tell me that i was going to raise the dead? Did you not tell me that i have authority to decree and you’ll honor my words? Did you not… Did you not?

I asked HIM all these questions, reminding HIM of all the encounters i had with HIM and all the things HE told me.

Long story short, i recovered. All the glory to God. But, the days after, was a battle! My Lord, how could everything go wrong? (like my keypad misbehaving rn) i just left HIS presence, literally, and i’m supposed to go with and In HIS presence. I literally killed my flesh but voila, the flesh did not really die, my will wasn’t completely broken.

Ever since Camp, my first and foremost prayer after thanksgiving (if my spirit isn’t nudging me to pray something else incessantly) is the prayer of brokenness. Because, brokenness isn’t a one time thing, it is continous, an everyday thing. Like my pastor said, “the brokenness of today cannot stand the test of tomorrow” so, yeah, i needed to remain broken.

Somehow, i was still doing stuffs i did not expect myself, at this point, to do. I still had struggle of wills, i struggled with unbelief and disobedience. I thought i was broken past em (where’s my crying emoji)? . There were times i got prophecies about people but i would never tell them because i wasn’t sure if they were true or going to happen. In the past week, the Holy Spirit told me to preach in the bus (Fam, i normally do this! I flipping do this without the Holy Spirit’s nudging. It’s just been a while) and i disobeyed, 4 times. I legit prayed for HIM to keep me broken, to break my will, my Spirit, that morning. I felt like a baby after that prayer, i felt weak in my Spirit felt light, but i still disobeyed.

It got me angry, got me bothered, i started to feel like i was being a retard.

One Morning, i woke up earlier than i normally do, so i laid on my bed, awake. Thinking of how unbroken i had been, saddened by it and started to talk about it to Abba. That was when He said “Trust your Process. Brokenness is not instant. It is constant”. I understood immediately. It really wasn’t that i was not broken but He was still working on me, He is not a magician. He is a potter, a blacksmith and if there is anything i became sensitive to, it was the fact that, my craving, hunger, desire to be completely and permanently broken in the Spirit was the first step to being broken. That drive, that hunger, was His major tool. Y’all don’t know how happy, relieved, light and satisfied i felt after those words!! I cannot explain!

Friends, these are my words to you.

Trust your Process. Brokenness is not instant. It is constant.

I know of a few people who just gave their lives to Jesus and are struggling with few old habits and are desperately crying for help to God to truly overcome and live the true life of a child of God. Trust your process baby. It really may not look like anything is changing on your inside. Keep praying, keep persisting. He is actually working in and on you. The best things takes the longest time to prepare.

Fight the good fight of faith a little longer my friend

It’s all worth it in the end

But when you got nobody to turn to

Just hold on

God will find you.

He who has started the good work in you is faithful enough to complete it

The Bible.

A call to True Worship

It’s the fourth day of the new month! The amazing second half of the year. Seems to me that this month is running pretty fast, what do you think? Anyways, how has the last three days been? Good? Not much has happened? Slow and steady? Exciting? Amazing? Ultimately, we give thanks to Jesus, aye?

I was going through my archives of ‘previous rhemas’, lol, and i came across a note i made about worshipping God in Spirit and in truth-that was pretty much all i wrote-but then, you know the Holy Spirit, lol, He did one of the maaany things He knows how to do best.. hey! You know what it is, yeah? Teach, of course! Lol . Most of what i’ll type here are things a whole lot of us are very familiar with, so i pray that our minds be renewed just as mine was. Amen

Already, we know that worship is neither the praise-worship we do at church on sunday mornings nor a song released by an artiste. I looked up the dictionary meaning of worship, the first time ever since i can remember looking up words in the dictionary. I love the use of a word in its definition, it’s the highlighted word. “Feeling or expression of reverence and adoration…”

Basically, Worship is the life that we live, our fellowship with God, our deeds, our relationship with believers and unbelievers alike, obedience, sacrifices for the gospel sake, matter of fact, everything that our Lord Jesus lived as, for and by. Little wonder, Apostle Paul admonished us in Rom. 12:1 to present our bodies (all the members and faculties) as a living sacrifice consecrated unto God, being set apart unto Him.

The question now, is probably How to truly worship God. Let’s go see what John had to say. Its a popular verse but hey!

God is Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality) John 4:24

Literally, we are supposed to worship God as a spirit, like, automatically transcend to a spiritual state since we must worship Him in spirit. Lol, that was the first thing that occurred to me, bet it never occurred to you. But we all know now, that, that wasn’t what Jesus meant or how He meant it, don’t we?

Let’s hang in there for a second and talk about the truth. I remember asking a friend one night what the Bible truly meant by in truth. He answered by saying “in sincerity, with a clean heart, true heart, no pretense”, trust me, i used to give that answer and i am sure most of us think the same. As much as my friend’s answer is partly true-not entirely correct- it actually means a whole lot than that.

I particularly love the Amplified Version for their extra explanations and synonyms to the words in the Bible. If you’d read through that verse again, truth had reality in brackets. As much as the bracketed word rings the same meaning as my friend’s ‘no pretense’ answer, it’s still not it.

The reality of God the Father, matter of fact, the Trinity all together was fully expressed and made known to us in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He said in John 14:6 “I am the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”, He also made emphasis on the importance of abiding in Him (the truth) in John 15. We cannot successfully worship the Father if we do not abide first in the Son, the Living Word, the Truth. The personality of God, of the trinity was revealed in Christ, i want to explain something but i’m not sure how best to put it. Till date, some persons still do not believe in the existence of God yeah? But there’s proof of His existence, something-in this case, somebody-to show that truly there’s a God in heaven.. Jesus, the truth. Nobody can have the full knowledge of God without first knowing Christ. So, when God seeks for worshippers, He seeks for those who abide in His Son because only they know and understand how to worship Him.

In spirit, like i said, my first wild thought was that we probably need to transform to a spirit being as the preposition ‘in‘ implied. Oh well, in spirit refers to no one but the sweet Holy Spirit. The Scripture made us understand that Jesus went about doing good after the Holy Spirit rested upon Him which was recorded in all the four gospel books of the Bible..

The life of worship that Christ lived could never have been more successful, more enduring, emulating if He didn’t have the Holy Spirit with Him. He was God in man, yeah, but was clothed in Human Flesh, if worshipping the God head (as y’all already know by now as living each day, sacrificing self daily to the Maker to conform to His will) wouldn’t need the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the long run, even in years to come for us and other generations to come, Jesus would not have had to be baptised with the Holy Spirit on the day of His water baptism, don’t you think so too?

Living a life of worship can never be achieved following the dictates of the flesh, yeaaah?? That’s why we live according to the dictates of the Spirit (Rom. 8:5). In spirit. In spirit….

Was your mind renewed? I hope it was. I pray that God helps us to live a life of true worship..

I was at a worship workshop last week tuesday and i made a vow to myself on that day. One of the facilitators mentioned a scripture, Psalm 141/142, not entirely sure , that says “the lifting of our hands is like the evening sacrifice”. It’s mostly on impulse that we raise our hands when we worship, it’s normal, but since the time i read that scripture i have become more concious and tried not to raise my hands when i know my heart is not in sync with the worship. I cannot and refuse to raise my hands as a non-sweet smelling savour to my God.

I hope you have a splendid June! I look forward to mine!!!

We Testify!


Happy new month lovelies. I know that i never keep to my word whenever i say i’ll try to update as often as i can.

Typically, i do not post on my accord actually. A whole lot of things happen to me every single day and i could post them but you see, when your life is no longer your own… *hands spread apart*

Sometimes, i don’t know what to blog about. Other times, i do. So, this is how i do it..

I open my wordpress app and tell the Holy Spirit to type what He wants me to.. i literally speak in the Holy Ghost all the while as i type.

Anyway, i am back with a banger!!!. Today’s blog post is a feature… A general in the Kingdom, an Amazing Daughter of Abba, My Friend and Sistuur released her debut single today. Most of y’all have seen the graphics and photos all over social media, but that’s really all that we know about Her and the song.

So…i brought her here for us to meet!! Yaaay. (I wish this was a vlog rn)!!!

Yo ready?


Checks Mic

I present to you Miss iTestify!!

*Clapping and doing the tye tribbet “turned it” dance*

Let’s meet you.

M: My name is Priscilla oluwatimileyinmoyege oladele

Lol, your name is looong, tell us a lil about your background.. where you from and stuff

M: I belong to a family of 5, I am the 2nd of 3 amazing ladies
I am a native ogun state, Egbado to be precise. From a conc Christian family, with strong in Jesus, I am not surprised that I representing the kingdom like everywhere, as a matter of fact, it’s my ID 🤗

What are your Hobbies?

M: I loooooove food. So yeah, cooking is my hobby and i love to dance for exercise

Lool! Foodie! FFO. How long have you been singing?

M: Ghenghen
Well, it all started as a child in the children church then, team memory verse😂
But officially, about 5years

Amazing! Sooo, let’s talk about your song! Yipeeee!! It’s all over social media… Tell us about it. What inspired you to write the song?

M: Some years back, God made some sacred promises to me, one of which is making my music ministry an Ease, I was much younger then, I didn’t understand what that meant, so I grew up like a very normal child, I made my mistakes but that didn’t change God’s mind concerning His promise to me…
A lot of friends had asked me, “wouldn’t you do something about music”, but I remembered God’s promise years ago, that I was not going to sweat to make music happen, I was not going to rush anything.
When Greenhunt came, my friends kept pushing me to get the form, I finally did and somehow I Won! Now this is me recording with one of the highest profiled producers we have without spending a dime, not even for mixing and mastering and I have other songs coming, so tell me, why will I not testify when He made a covenant years ago and brought it to fulfilment with Ease despite my short comings.
I wrote this song while praying last year and God reminded me, that He fulfilled his promise…

Hmmmn, this is amazing and a great testimony. I am personally glad for you! God is faithful. Apparently, you and God are on a personal level, yeah!. When should we expect your other songs?

M: Isin the cooler…. Not sure when exactly I’d drop them, I’d definitely put up information on all my social media platforms.

Lol. We’ll be waiting
What do you have to say to other young ministers like you?

M: Everything is going be alright if you follow God’s lead, it’s easier to aim high, than stay high. Most people fade out because they don’t follow God’s lead anymore, no matter what, *ALWAYS FOLLOW*

* * * * *

Her testimony though….. it’s be-au-ti-ful

God is truly Father!!

If you are yet to download. Here’s the link
Stay blessed!💕💕💕