For Better, For Worse. (The Forever Love Walk)

I’ve always wondered how women manage to remain in an abusive relationship when it is as clear as day that they are suffering emotional + physical abuse.  It just didn’t make sense to me. At a program I was invited to minister recently, the host, a beautiful woman of God shared a part of her life’s troubles and although being born again and married, she vowed never to serve God again and went prodigal for 9 years when she got hit by a storm. According to her, one day a question and answer session ensued between herself and her Lord whom she didn’t want a relationship with anymore.

GOD: Has your husband hurt you before? Got you upset?

HER: Countless times

GOD: Enough for you to consider divorce?

HER: Yes

GOD: So, why are you still with him?

HER: Because, I promised him for better for worse.

Then, the Lord said – “You are so committed to man but you are not committed to me”.

And then, it stuck!

Men hurt us, yet we stay committed to them but when a little tempest comes our way in our love walk with God, we start to waver in our commitment to God. Many times, we walk out of the relationship (between God and us), not by verbally denouncing Christianity but a decline in our prayer time, a weary heart towards a once upon a time active kingdom partnership, hosting thoughts that question God’s goodness and love instead of pulling it down as it exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ and subjecting it in obedience to Christ.

You know where and how your commitment has wavered in times of crisis. Do you not know that you took a ‘for better or worse’ vow when you said yes to Jesus, too?

This made me realize that many women who go through abusive things in their relationships, stay in it because – whether consciously or unconsciously – are committed to the man and the relationship.

My last relationship wasn’t a physically abusive one, I can’t exactly say if it is was an emotionally abusive one but it messed around with my mental state more than I knew. It wrecked my self esteem. It wrecked my emotions and made me build tall and strong walls that God is dutifully, intentionally, consistently yet slowly helping me to break (maybe one day, I’ll speak about this aspect of my life when it’s all over). Yet, I stayed because I was committed to the man I was dating.

Today, I’d like you to reflect on your commitment to Jesus. Is it still on a 100%? I’d implore you to renew your vows with the Holy Spirit. Stay committed to the one who died for you.

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

– II Chronicles 16:9

Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the Lord our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments, as at this day.”

– 1 Kings 8:61

Love and Light,

The King’s Daughter,

Molara ❤️

Published by The King's Daughter

A young woman in love with Jesus❤🤗

29 thoughts on “For Better, For Worse. (The Forever Love Walk)

    1. Laurat! When I start dishing $1million to my faithful and ever supportive blog community, I’m definitely sending some your way! Thank you so much ❤️🥺. Andddd, yes! “Constant” and “Intentional” heart check ✅! Thank you. Love you

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  1. You’re a prolific writer and obviously Spirit led!
    You keep growing in God and encountering new realms and heights ! Itell amazing to see what God is doing with you, thank you for yielding your gifts and your life to serve God and His people. More of Gods expression in you Lara. Amen.


    1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t find the words to type! Prolific writer in premium tears 😭😭😭. This means more than you could imagine Ore. Thank you for supporting me from wayyy back! Thank you. Thank you sister. The race is so much easier with your constant encouragement and being-here Ore ❤️


  2. Eniobanke the annointed writer! You spoke of a blog on Friday and here it’s!!!!
    God bless you for this and being a blessing always!!
    Love itself is commmitment!!! In the fullness of Christ being God and Love he stayed committed; He could have decide not to die and just leave the cross and all, he had the power and right to but still that commitment of love that looks beyond the pain and shame was what Christ stood for and that’s what we as Christians professing love to God should do! Love is staying committed to God we profess, even in the storm we are committed, in joy we are committed and should forever remain committed!
    Deu 6:5 loving the lord our God with all our heart and soul and strength; is actually staying committed. When we don’t love him with all of us then our commitment can waver.
    “So now wrap your heart tightly around the hope that lives within us, holding your faith and the whom you profess knowing that God always keeps his promises!”
    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:23‬ ‭


  3. I remember a time in my life when all was bleak and dark, I held on to God, it really seemed like I didn’t know what I was doing because it seemed foolish. I felt I had lost everything I was in a really dark place…. looking at myself now I’m glad I held unto God, put all your eggs in Gods basket and watch him show up for you, He’s a show stopper 😎


  4. The King’s daughter!❤️
    The name is so fitting. I can resonate so well with the words spoken here and truth be told, The ‘For better for worse’ illustration hits home you know.
    Our walk with God won’t always be roses and unicorns but we can be sure he would be with us every step of the way if we would only stay the course when the ‘For worse’ comes because it will come.
    Thank you Mo, I love you❤️❤️❤️


  5. For some reason we always dump our Lord and savior first, as though he is one rich guy that’s always spoiling us but deep down we don’t really dig him.
    We’ve all being in this boat one way or another, small tiredness or query Jesus gets the anger fit like we’re blaming things gone wrong in our life by association with him.
    Thank you Mo! It’s truly a time to sit and have a soul surgery with the word and the spirit projecting the right image and posture. 🙏🏽


  6. Molars, it’s so not a coincidence that you have written about this abuse thing. I know you’re not directly addressing the issue of abuse here but it brings so much light to something I’ve been pondering on over the past few days. Commitment!

    When we realize that our commitment is first to God, even our lives would become more precious to us because we know we are precious to God and he is committed to ensuring we live our complete days. We don’t allow someone trample on us and abuse us. It’s a lot to actually do but it works!

    Thank you once again 💙.


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