Twenty Fineeeeee (25) • My best birthday EVER….yet!

On this day, a week ago I stepped into the 25th year of my life. To be completely honest, I almost didn’t want to move just yet. I loveeeee the idea of being young in age and be on fire for God, so I felt like God was asking me to move too fast (as how😂)?

When I was 24, I usually got remarks like “you’re still a young girl o” – I loved that remark. But now? When I say “25”, I immediately get the remark “girl, you’re getting old o” and an additional prompting “oya, it’s time to get married. Go and bring husband home”. I miss age 24 soooo much 😩😩!

But I gotta move. Matter of fact, life has moved me! So, here goes chapter 25! My pastor – Dr. Amos Fenwa – would say “Being young or old is not a factor of your age, it’s a function of your mindset and perspective to life” . I know and believe that I will ALWAYS be young at heart because I am such a big baby 🥺, even my mum is almost tired of me 😂. Let’s talk about my GRAND ENTRANCE into age 25, shall we?

My 25th year is a highly prophetic year for me. I am not going to go in details but God had sent a series of prophetic words to me when I was age 24. Matter of fact, He started speaking about it when I was 21 years of age. What I did not know was the year He was bringing His word to pass. Early last year, God declared first through my Spiritual Father; Dr. Amos Fenwa His intentions for me for age 25 and so suprisingly, ever since that day I have received very random messages and calls from friends and acquaintances, telling me what God told them. I remember my friend, Afam, calling me at past 1am prophesying over me! I remember my friend and sister Laura sending me a voice note at past 3am and every word was in alignment.

When I received the first Word from my spiritual Father in the year 2020, the only people who knew were my mum, brother and best friend. And, of course my church members cos the prophetic word came in during the service! Can I tell you one shocking thing? God called me out by my muslim name – Fausat – on this particular day 😭. Do you know what this means? It means serious business, it felt like God calling me out from my family tree and seperating me for what He wanted to do. I kept these words in my heart and embarked on fasting (I did a fast with the age I was about getting into, up until the day before my birthday) prayers and sowing of seeds to be positioned and aligned rightly for the prophecy. When certain people started to text me telling me of their dreams of me and a whole lot of confirmations, I was OMG-d!

I had planned a photoshoot in November 2020, but I didn’t have the funds, I just knew that I wanted to have a photoshoot. I almost cancelled because I had to save up for school and other responsibilities but see God?! He meant this year for me ! He did His thing and the photoshoot happened!!! (this is another story, let’s keep it here).

I had a scheduled ministration on my birthday – the second time it was happening in two years, lol. When the entire program came to an end, I was nudged to look up at the projected screen… 😂 I saw me!!!! This was the beginning of my shock!

After they sang and prayed for me, I saw a table set at a corner. Oh! Before that, I saw my friends 😭😭! Afam, Ebele, Nina Shezz and Tomisin 😭😭. I didn’t know that was just one-third of the shock I was yet to get! Before I knew what was happening, two cakes were set on the table 😭😩! Before I could say Jack Robinson, I saw bags containing GIFTS! Ah! For me? 😭. I have never received that many gifts on my birthday, ever!

Do you know what shocked me the most? When Danielle, the CEO told me how she called about 17 people to SHOW ME LOVE! They sure did and made me tear up bad! My friend in Europe, my Blessing 😩😩 also suprised me BIG TIME! I put up an appreciation post on my WhatsApp status in honor of them but they don’t understand the weight of what they did! What they do not know, is that they played a PROPHETIC role in ushering me into God’s plan for me💓.

With everything that happened, it felt as though God gave me a GRAND ENTRANCE into chapter 25! I have never been so celebrated in my entire life! I received calls saying my picture was EVERYWHERE! God did honor me on that day! The gifts have not even stopped coming 😩😂. Is it about anything I’ve done to this people? No! Absolutely not! It’s about who God is and what He’s done in my life. Do you know one of the most beautiful things about what happened on the 25th? God has started to visit some of those who blessed me and reward them for doing what they did for me. I am confident that they would all share testimonies soon! They may not know that they are reaping from the fertile ground they sowed in my life; but, my Father and I know.

I’ve got to thank everyone of them before I share the photos of the gifts! Starting from those who started to send me gifts before my birthday. Thank you Victoria Anthony, Gladys and Idema. To the entire committee that planned my surprise… Thank you Danielle (CEO), Ewaade, Laura, Joshua Banjo, Afam, Tomisin Dacure, Osato Nina Shezz, Eunice, Papa EBN, Precious Marshall, Oyinda, Hannah Taiwo, Ifeoluwa, Matilda, Collins, Funmi Arise, Ebele and Blessing .

Certain people gave me the gift of money 😍! Thank you Mr. Femi Stephens, Papi, Mrs. Gold and Victoria!

Thanks to Mr. Nelson!!!! Thank you Munachimso!!! Grateful for your gifts!

Whew! A very long read! I had to 😂. If you read up until this point… It either means you like gist 😂 or it’s because you couldn’t wait to see the gifts😏😂. Thank you for reading up until this point.

Lastly, if you are yet to pre-order the Fire Branded Merch, please do so. Pre-order closes on the 31st of March 😍

Birthday gifts right below!!!

First, they wrote me a beautiful note😩❤
And, a card 😩❤️ this card had money inside o 😩❤️! Look at their names!
Juss lookat those sneakers 😍! Thank you Mr. Nelson😩❤️! Those bracelets are from Munachimso and I love em.
I really really love this branded tee and face cap! Gifted to me by Danielle 🥺❤️ and branded tee designed by Ifeoluwa Majekodunmi 💕
My whole heart!!! This frame BLESSES ME EVERYDAY! The Words and prayers are so edifying, I love this gift so so much! Thank you best friend Ebele 😩😩😩❤️❤️! This wristwatch from Nina Shezz though!🥺❤️💕. I love love love it.
This throw pillow! I loveeee it! The entire committee got me this! See as I fine 😍! Buks_touch on the face beat! Thanks darl. See my new glasses 😍😍! I’m wearing Gucci 😍, I’m not your mate anymore , just kidding 😂. Thank you Danielle! You know how much I love glasses ❤️ ❤️
(Front view) THIS HOODIE! 😩 It got me so emotional 😭! Because of the words branded on it! Thank you Blessing for this awe-mazing gift ❤️❤️ ! Printed by Afam 💕, thank you!! And, Perfume oil gift from Adedoyin, thank you so much sis 💓
(Back view) Juss lookat the name 😩😍❤️! I LOVEEE THIS GIFT! Cannot wait to rock it 🕺🏼! Perfume oil gift from Adedoyin, thank you so much sis 💓

Lol! All done! Thank you so much again for supporting me and my blog and all that I represent! I pray that favour wears you like a garment and you obtain grace to remained aligned to the will of the Father.


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5 thoughts on “Twenty Fineeeeee (25) • My best birthday EVER….yet!

  1. Awwww I totally loved reading this. Happy birthday Eniobanke. You are light sweetheart. Keep blazing.

    Let me add to the gang to you are old oo 😂😂 just joking. I love you


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