How my brand name was birthed

Heyyyyyyy! How are you doinggggg? Long time no blog post.

Today’s blog post is really important and quite short. Guess what? I just celebrated my 25th birthday and I must say….. (whispers) I am getting old πŸ₯Ί. Lol

Anyways, I have a blog post coming soon about the entire day on March 20th 2021. But, one very important thing was launched a day after – my brand tees (T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts) and it’s a pretty huge step for me 🀭🀭.

However, I thought it right to tell you how the brand name was birthed. It sounds pretty simple and easy to create, yeah? You might be thinking that I probably didn’t have to sweat before I came up with the name, yeah? Lol, wrong πŸ˜‚. Let me tell you…

One evening in the year 2018, my friends and I went to the camp called BETHEL on Lagos – Ibadan expressway, Nigeria. On the last day of the camp as we prepared to return home, we stayed a little while to take photos with the beautiful grass and clear skies, the serenity of the camp and the life it gives to your photos is amazing! We absolutely love to take photos whenever we go there to camp. We had been praying, studying God’s Word, fellowshipping with God and having numerous encounters for 3 days. During that time, we cared less about how we looked, we were HUNGRY and we still are.

On that evening in 2018, as my best friend and my very good friend stood afar to take photos, I watched and remember saying to myself “look at these girls hyped and laughing so hard like they had not just been in deep fellowship with God for three days. These girls would return home and people won’t know the depth they have touched in God, Kai! The world isn’t ready” (paraphrased but this is the exact thing – not words – I said).

Almost immediately, a soft breeze blew across my ears and I heard the Holy Spirit say VERY CLEARLY “Fine Girls Fire Branded”.

Yes, you read correctly. He said “girls”. You do not want to imagine my excitement because I couldn’t contain the way I felt. I was so eager to let my girls know! But, we had to move almost immediately after I heard those words. I kept saying to myself “the Holy Spirit gave us a name. Wow”! Those who know me, know that I love to wait till the perfect time before I say anything. I study the atmosphere, the person(s) I am going to speak with before I say a word. My girls were meditating when we boarded the first bus, I knew I couldn’t tell them yet.

We had a ministration that night and the three of us were back up singers for a minister of God, who is my dear friend. When we got into the last bus that would take us to the venue of the ministration, we had started to talk like normal, that was when I broke the news to them.

Heart breaking part is, they were not as excited as I was πŸ˜‚πŸ’”. After that moment, they forgot completely about the name. But, I ran with it. Using it as hashtags on my photos and my best friend used it as well because she’s that supportive.

From a name meant for three women, it became a name that one woman ran with for 4 years – me. Ever since that evening, I have always called myself that name and see the world getting to know it too. Most importantly, seeing women identify with it. #familyname 😍

I have had a couple of people tell me to change the name from Fine Girl to Fine Woman or something”womanly” because I won’t be a girl forever. Lol, I agree. But, I’ll be a baby girl for life…God’s baby girl for life 😍.

Recently, the Holy Spirit made me understand that the name is beyond me and not about me, either. It is a name for every girl that would come in contact with me and meet Jesus. I have a mandate for young girls, it is one of the major cores of my ministry. The name “Fine Girl Fire Branded” is for every girl who has come and would come to the knowledge of Christ, love Him, be on fire for Him and still slay in the beauty that He has bestowed them with, not to lure men or use for immoral activities but to set men on fire for Jesus and to show the world that being in Christ is a greater advantage. We fine and we on fire!

Glory be to Jesus. That’s pretty much how it happened! What did you expect though?πŸ˜‚. Something ghenghen-cious? πŸ˜‚

Anyway, Pre-order is going on at the moment for a discounted price actually. And, it’s going to close by the end of the month. It’s a limited sale. Lol. Good qualities are hard to come by and I’d like to keep the status quo, delivering good qualities. If you’d like to pre-order, kindly send a DM on Instagram @molaraolusesi.

Ouuuuuuu!! A holy spec! A fire branded spec!

Available in black, red and white! I look forward to seeing you rock this outfit 😻

Birthday blog coming next….

I love you!

– Fine Girl Fire Branded.

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