Once upon a Valentine 😍

Do you know the song playing in my head, right now? It’s “valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend? You are sitting alone, lonelyyyy” 😂

No, the song is not for me. It’s for you, if you are single 😜😂.

I am someone else’s valentine 😍

In the next one or two years, maybe 😜

Happy February! How are you doing? You’ve got a valentine? You’ve got plans? If you don’t have plans to go out and enjoy the day with friends or boo after your church service; spend the time praying for your future spouse and watch a good Christian movie –Abattoir by Mount Zion is a fantastic idea – .

So, I know that you are here for the premium gist. Here goes!

When I was in high school; SS1 (Senior Secondary School 1) to be precise. I liked a dark skinned Igbo guy (a tribe in Nigeria, West Africa), his name was Frank and I was heavily in crush with him, lol. Occasionally in class, I’d throw glances at him, made sure that our eyes met and all that teenage “shots” but this guy wasn’t having it with me. Actually, he made it obvious that he disliked me and I was not his “type”; it didn’t deter me from keeping my faith alive that he would one day fall for me, lol—silly me.

Our hide and seek, cat and mouse love chase continued. Thinking of it now, I legit believe that he felt the same way 😂😭. My friends mentioned it to me one time that it was obvious frank was taking a liking to me, already.

But, something happened one particular afternoon that caused every iota of feelings for Frank, die completely.

If you are Nigerian and you schooled in a public school, then it means you are familiar with the “SLUM BOOK”. Am I right? 😃. The wahala that book caused in my school no be small. I suffered in the hands of people, I was one of the least liked person in my class and my names appeared in all the bad places 😭. Example: Ugliest girl in class, dirtiest girl in class, the beggar (female), etc.

On this particular day, it was the end of a session, we were going to get promoted to SS2 and so we had a slum book session again. I picked up the slum book to fill my own answers, but first I read the answers of others; one of which included my name spelt out boldly as answer to “the ugliest girl in class” and other demeaning questions by Frank! My heart SHATTERED! I was both angry and sad.

So, I wrote his name as an answer to a demeaning question (one I cannot remember) so that we could be even. I had no idea that I had peppered the love of my life. I was sitting down with my friends when he walked over to me and asked why I put his name as an answer to such a demeaning question. How sir? I didn’t get. Did you put mine in a good place? People can be selfish sha, can you see what I have suffered in the hands of man like this?!

I told him about where he placed my name but he wasn’t having it. It felt like he was completely out of his mind, I had never seen him so furious since I knew him. I wasn’t having it either, I could not understand why he could be so selfish and heartless towards me, so I kept talking back.

Fammmm! Before I could complete my next sentence, Frank gave me close to 15 hot slaps AT ONCE! My face had fingers all over it! 15 premium slaps! I became a waterfall straight up! My face stared straight at him but my eyes kept raining down pain, hurt and anger.

The attack was so unexpected; my rescue team couldn’t stop him in time. That evening, I promised Frank that he would sleep in prison that night 🤣 I had two aunts (my daddy’s younger sisters) in the police force – these are aunts that I wasn’t close to and the probability of my threat actually happening was lower than zero 🤣, but, I just wanted to scare him so that he’d apologise to me—he was too flared up to even pay attention.

As he walked out of the class with his friends, I knew that was the end of my feelings for him. What I did not know was that would be the last time I’d see Frank.

No, he did not die.

He repeated SS1.

I didn’t expect it. I didn’t want it either. I had forgiven him during the long break. So, I was shocked that he repeated. Matter of fact, there were speculations that it was his punishment for slapping me (more like my head catch am). A couple of months after resuming the next class, I received a message from a guy who claimed to be frank’s friend on 2go. He hid that information for a couple of weeks though; he told me how Frank told him about what ensued between us and how sorry he was.

Lol, e dinuh consine me (It didn’t matter to me) because I had meeuveddd! (I moved on).

On the 14th of February 2011, as I walked from the assembly ground to my class, I was taken aback by the presence of a familiar person—Frank. I acknowledged his presence calmly and turned to move into the class when he grabbed my hands.

He apologised to me for his behaviour, confessed that he was the one in the guise of a friend on 2go and handed me a rose. A rose, darlings!! At that time, roses were like one of the highest symbol of love. I did not melt straight away though (🤣), I gave my thanks, told him that he was truly forgiven, declined his request to be friends and went up to class to show my friends, my trophy! (🤣).

I cherished that rose for so long! It was my first valentine gift from the opposite sex ever!!!! I felt almost fulfilled!

Whew! There you go! My first valentine gift story, though.

Do you have a similar experience? How was your first valentine gift? I’d absolutely love to hear it!!Please tell me in the comments.

There is another story on my podcast about another guy who showed me pepper on Valentine’s Day, you can listen via:


I just really wanted to gist you; there is no rhema to catch here lol. But, I have to say this to my girls; you are valuable. You need to be firm in your identity which is IN Christ! I had low self-esteem growing up, so I believed that I was the ugliest and dirtiest girl in class, I let my family background define me. If I knew how Jesus saw me and who I was in Him, I would have done better.


I would have dressed the part, make the most of the little resources I had and be more confident. Though I was not from a wealthy home, my jo y and confidence in who Jesus called me would have definitely given me a different aura and would attract people to like me easily (male and female alike).

If you are like the former me—I’d like to tell you that you are a treasure! A treasure that money cannot buy! If you like someone who doesn’t like you, this valentine; don’t feel any less, don’t get caught up fantasising about your crush that you forget to celebrate your friends whom you LOVE. Your man/woman is just around the corner, keep on loving God and if you don’t have a relationship with Him, I’d love to help you walk through that. Else, you’ll continue to face premium heartbreak.


I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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6 thoughts on “Once upon a Valentine 😍

  1. It’s your past for me😭…to think the very beautiful and purpose-fufilling you was once tagged “the ugliest or dirtiest girl?” HOW??
    Min. Molara, you’re strong! You don’t allow your past define you.. look at you strutting in purpose.
    I admire and love you ma.
    Fine Girl, Fire branded


  2. Wait, were those frontal teeth gapped then also? I presume they were and how come the people of those time didn’t get a glimpse of it. God truly knows how to preserve His treasure in an earthen vessel. I think if Mr Frank had gotten the knowledge of this beaut, he could have damaged it beyond repair. Glory to God You were preserved…


  3. So sad Mr Frank lost the opportunity to be friends with a talented beautiful fine girl, fire branded. Glad that your past does not define you anymore. Thank you for sharing this gist with us Ma😊


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