A couple of days in Darkness…. Well, Four days.


It’s April. I know. But, this is my first post in the year 2020. So, it’s a happy new year to you! I’ve got to thank you, though. Yes. Last year, was an amazing blogging year for me. I had contents provided by the Holy Spirit, back to back and the journey was even more thrilling because of YOU! It meant so much to me and the Holy Spirit that you were blessed by every single blog post in 2019. 

My favourite blog post was the series on the ministry of the Holy Spirit! My absolute fave! What’s yours? Please share them with me in the comment box.If you are new on my blog. Omigosh! You are so welcome. It’s an honour to have you here. When you are done reading this post, kindly read up the previous ones. You’d be so glad that you did!

Let’s cut straight to the gist, yeah!This year started on a very high note for me. Super pumped in every way. I was so ready to take on the new year and looked forward to my birthday-which was last month by the way- I went on a retreat and got mighty words from the Lord concerning my journey and a couple of other things.

I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

When the pandemic broke out. God stared to speak expressly through His sons and daughters. Dishing instructions, warnings, bringing to remembrance some of the things that He had said. One of which I remember now, as I type is this.

Starting from the middle of last year till a couple of months after that, I kept hearing the Lord say to me that He was coming in a might that has never been seen before and it was going shake the earth to its core. I did not understand, until now, which I think hasn’t been made manifest in its fullness yet. 

God did not create this pandemic –He is not a wicked being, waiting to squash us like a bug, when we sin-. He permitted it. He allowed it and part of the reason (pretty why He is mysterious-doesn’t let us on the full gist at once,lol) He did, is obvious in what is happening to the hearts of men in this season.

So,what happened to me?

The Lord told me to tell His children, the ones that I could reach, to get a TRIBE. A circle or group of Christian friends who loved and served Him. He mentioned that something was going to hit and it was going sweep anyone who decides to stand alone. He is preparing an army, not a soldier. Everyone had to belong and be accountable to each other, as it were. 

You know how the devil uses your message to attack you…. I got hit.

I do not remember how it started or how I got to the point where I felt weak and less of a son who God loved and created. But, I remember that I wasn’t frequent with prayers or the study of the Word in a couple of days. I couldn’t spend the midnight hour praying and studying because I lacked a room of my own (yeah, I stay together with my family in a room). I felt useless when I would go online and see my brethren talk about the many things that they were doing and I wasn’t.

My past came to haunt me. My old friend…Low self-esteem.

I had dreams that showed me that I had opened a crack for demons to come in. My emotions were used against me. All of these happened in four days. I could not do anything about it. I felt helpless, though I knew, I wasn’t. Darkness started to creep in to get a hold on my heart. I was lost. I did not feel capable enough to lead God’s people anymore. I truly lack words to explain the cage of darkness my mind was thrown into, for days. I was slowly falling into depression and almost  shutting out from the world…and God. I was too tired to fight the good fight of faith. I felt even more guilty for not standing at my duty post and angry that i couldn’t do anything to help myself -when it wasn’t even in my place to do so-. I stopped leaning on God , rather I leaned on my own understanding of how I thought it should be.

God used me to speak to me, but I wasn’t paying attention. I did not even know.

I almost lost my mind to the devil.

But, I kept hearing these words like a beam of light, peering into my dark hole. “You were born for a time like this. Get up and fight”. Well, I did not. All I felt was a contention for my soul. God and the Devil. I couldn’t speak to my best friend about it.

Until yesterday, when I felt myself slipping away again, I texted my brethren on a WhatsApp group that I lead as a servant, to pray for me. I turned to my tribe. I got prayed for personally by a couple of them. If you are a member of Priests Network and you are reading this. Thank you very much!

So, last night, after reading a book, i lay to give it all up to God. As i sang to the lover of my soul, i felt the contents of my heart poured out. I felt free. I felt liberated. It was so refreshing and I received strength. I climbed out of my dark hole.

And, i got a message from God in my dream. Weird, but i get WhatsApp messages from God in my dream. In this dream, He sent me multiple texts using the number of a person that I stopped being quite close to, telling me never to go away from Him again, and how He was never going to let me go, because i belonged to Him.

My friend, you may not go through my cycle. But, believe me, the devil is going to hit you, too. And, it will start with your mind. My best friend warned on her Instagram page @ebeletheservant (go check her out) not to stay idle in this season. Why would he want to hit you? Because he is mad and jealous that God loves you and you have decided to be on God’s side, rather than his.

Here is my two cents, friend. Don’t stay idle –get busy with the word of God and prayers. Don’t feed your mind with junks that will not edify you- . Get a tribe, fast! You may not be able fight alone. God is dwelling inside of people. He is not going to come down in His Glory to help you through it. He is going to come in human form. The form of your tribesmen and every believer that surrounds you.

I pray for you, if there’s any way or in any area that the devil has held you bound in darkness, I speak and declare LIGHT in Jesus name! I decree that you are liberated from the clutches of darkness in Jesus name. You are liberated . You are free in Jesus name. Amen

Thank you for reading through this long article. I hope it blessed you. If you need anyone to pray with you, kindly reach me via ministermolarra@gmail.com. I could hook you with one or two believers or pray with you myself.

I love you,

The King’s Daughter.    

Published by The King's Daughter

A young woman in love with Jesus❤🤗

30 thoughts on “A couple of days in Darkness…. Well, Four days.

  1. God bless you Mo!
    See ehn got the same word from the Lord.
    See Hebrews 10: 24Discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing beautiful works as expressions of love. 25 This is not the time to pull away and neglect meeting together, as some have formed the habit of doing, because we need each other! In fact, we should come together even more frequently, eager to encourage and urge each other onward as we anticipate that day dawning.
    God help us to pay attention to the things that truly matters to Him!!
    I pour my love on you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Molara
    I can relate to what you went through… I go through them a lot

    “God is preparing an army, not a soldier”… Gosh!!! that hit me so hardddd
    You’re right we need people.. we shouldn’t carry our burdens alone… We have our tribe of Believers… We need eaçh other especially ñow
    Thank you so so much for this!
    God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much Ma! This blessed me. I won’t stay alone! I’ll walk with a tribe and I won’t allow the devil to take hold of me. I belong to God! Glory to God!!!


  4. The Lord is with you all.the time, I respect something in you. You always speak the truth without using deceptive words. You are a blessing to.this generation. Thank you so much for this. Keep soaring for Christ.


  5. Thank you sister, those words were really deep and was just for me and thanks for sharing, I noticed you were not online unlike you until I got your msg on the group for us to pray for you, this was the feeling I had, thank God for prayer answered and for his word to us all
    I won’t stay alone, will grow with my fellow believers…..more strength sis
    Love you


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