My brother was my mum’s favourite child–now she has no favourite😂– My brother was and is more briiliant, intelligent than myself. I battled with low self esteem because of this, when I was younger. I had a traumatic childhood and as a child who loved attention so much, my mummy’s favoritism took its toll on me.

I grew up thinking that my brother would come first in everything in life. I grew up thinking that he’d be done with the university and I’d probably be starting at the time. I grew up imagining my brother doing great things before me. Why? He was highly intelligent, smart and brilliant. He knew his maths AND English.. I was too scared to believe in my intellectual abilities, even when I came first in class(99% of the whole time in school), I still did not believe that I was truly great, even when the school celebrated us as their best pupils, the thought of my brother being in the same category as myself, and no matter how deserving I was, of the applause, I saw myself as the Number 2.

Fast forward to now, the less pampered child is the “superstar” of the family. I am in the spotlight. Treaded places I thought my brother would tread first. Done things I thought my brother would do, first. Met people I thought it natural for my brother to meet before I do. I have had more opportunities, platforms, met more people, been to more places, than my brother who was the apple of my mum’s eye. Not that my brother is not doing well, at this present time, he is. It is not just at the pace I thought, when I was younger and comparing.

Ironic, somewhat

And, this isn’t where the purpose of this blog post is from, even.

You are reading this blog, because you know me and have been blessed by either my song, my personality, or one of my blog posts. You probably have not met my brother before. You may not even know his name. You may have seen him, a couple of times but you don’t know anything about him, except his name, the fact that he is shy and passionate about music.

But, did you know that some of my thoughts, my perspective about life, friends and Jesus, is partly influenced by my brother? He is younger than I am, but I dare say that he is a great human! He challenges me. The way that he studies people, the way he calmly analyses, the way he researches, the way he is so keen and passionate about learning, the way he thinks (this part bursts my brain), the way he acts like he knows nothing, when he actually does know a lot! We are opposites in almost everything. I speak when I am angry, he doesn’t. He keeps calm, analyses the situation again and tries to understand whose fault it truly is. I shout when I am angry, he keeps shut, most of the time–Sometimes, he yells👀–. I believe almost any information as long as i trust the source, he doesn’t believe any single thing until he sees a substantial proof, even if the source is his most trusted friend. He usually calls me a “them say” person because i usually don’t dig for facts before i give the gist–as long as it is a sweet gist– he is not that kind of person. I learn a great deal from him but people celebrate me when I say something quite applaudable. Though the deeds of my brother is hidden in their sight, the Lara whom they admire and respect so much is being impacted and influenced silently by her brother.

About a week ago, I was discussing with my friend about two of our popular Gospel Ministers– both female– and although, they sing alike, their songs are almost the same and are both signed to the same record label, one of these ministers seem to be in the limelight than the other. I personally feel a deep connection with the one who is not as popular “platform” wise than the former, there is something about her deep that calls unto my deep, though I have not met her before. My friend, with whom I was having this conversation with, said “I see M as a pampered Child. She is a Child that God pampers”, it reminded me of something the Holy Spirit told me in the course of that week, the “Silent impactor”. (P.S: Some of y’all just learnt a new word, lol. Go check Google). While we discussed, my eyes were opened. While one was a pampered child, the other was a silent impactor, both loved by God but used in different ways.

My friend, this is God’s message to you as you begin your journey into 2020. Not everybody is designed by God to be in the limelight. God doesn’t need everybody on a big stage with lights and cameras to proclaim His name and establish His kingdom. He needs the most of us, backstage.

So, you may have planned to do more spiritual exercises, be more intentional about doing the Father’s business, healing the sick, giving alms, sowing seeds, sowing time in the place of prayer and your ministry, in the new year. Great! But, please know this, you may do all of these things, blessing lives and doing great things and yet, be unseen or seen by a few. I beg you to be content with it. I beg you to enjoy the process. I beg you to stay there.

Personally, I believe the silent impactors are one of the greatest in the Kingdom. They do much more. The intercessors who aren’t seen but are on their knees every chance that they get, talking to the Father about His church, the country, the Men and Women of God that you and I celebrate, are doing more, fighting more battles and causing a shift in the Spirit, more than any title bearer.

I remember listening to a message by Apostle Joshua Selman. He mentioned how much work the Intercessory team of the church has helped and is helping his ministry. Pastor Benny Hinn, mentioned in one of his books where he had a plane crash but a woman’s prayer kept him alive and unhurt.

You may not be called into the office of intercession. You may be a Sunday school teacher, a pastor of a small local church, a believer who enjoys doing the will of the Father, a simple church boy/girl. Please stay. Remember it is easy to attain the ladder of Fame and recognition but hard to sustain it. It is the World’s standard that makes us believe that we are “something” when we are in the eyes of everyone. God doesn’t see it that way. There is a saying that many are applauded here on earth but not applauded in the presence of God, in Heaven.

Because your friend is more celebrated than you or is manifesting his/her Giftings more than you, is not a yardstick for spiritual advancement or anything of that sort.

Healing the Sick and Opening the Blind eye is beyond someone on a stretcher or a man walking blindly with a stick. There are many out there, who are in spiritual darkness, that’s a blind person waiting for you to open their eyes. Some believers have not prayed or studied in days, that’s a spiritually sick person. Some people are dead spiritually, that’s a dead man to raise.

In 2020, even when nobody seems to notice you or you are only noticed by close friends and family. Stay. Don’t get jealous or crave for an announcement. Your Father in Heaven sees you and He wants you there, hidden. Remember, you are not living for the applause of man.

Be like my brother. Impact people who will In turn celebrate you in due time. Fight the good fight of faith in your secret place and enjoy your journey.

Don’t listen to whatever bull crap the devil will definitely come to feed you with. God sees you. God loves you. God is eager to welcome you home. Only if you’d stay hidden.

Mercy and Grace my dear Friend
Happy New Month
Merry Christmas in Advance 🎄
Molara. The King’s Daughter❤

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16 thoughts on “BEFORE THE NEW YEAR..

  1. Laraaaa❤…yet again I’m am deeply amazed at your depth of thought, one thing I’ve learnt today that will never leave me is being a silent impactor, it had always been my concern sometimes in my life when I compared myself with my younger sister too just like your brother; far more beautiful, more composed, more prayerful, gentler (not sure if that’s right🤭), more talented with the Voice and all, sugbon seh all that have gone with this year, henceforth ama strive to be a silent impactor, may not be easy but God grace will suffice yeah, all I need do is Start..
    Okay lemme go before i start a new post in your comment section, thank you for this honey🥰


  2. Your words related with me but in my case, i’m like your brother. Doing good, a lot of achievements, silent but fighting with inner self. My mum compared me with sister and younger sister. I feel like no matter how good I am, nobody applaud me. It hurts my heart so much that i’m trying my best in everything, nobody notice. Thanks God, i found my truly identity on him that i need to change the way i’m thinking and i’m beloved of Him. Blessed sharing dear!


    1. Aww. And I love you just as Jesus loves you! I totally understand how you feel. I can tell you categorically that, though I am in the spotlight than my brother right now. In the midst of my circle, I feel hidden like my brother. But, that’s fine because the Holy Spirit wants me just right there and He is working amazing things through me. I am glad that this post spoke to you. If you ever need to talk, please reach me via and we will kick off a better communication channel afterwards. Hugs and love ❤️. By the way, what’s your real name? Lol

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  3. To this I also felt like this as a child! And it completely cripple my sled esteem but I thank God for the now!
    God bless you ma


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