I was on the phone with one of my brothers who traveled to Germany a couple of weeks back and he said the only form of greeting that he has learnt since he arrived was “Hallos”. So here i am, greeting you same.

Hallos! 😁
I am super glad to be here with you again.

How have you been in the last few weeks, since the last blog post? Honestly, how has your secret place been? Have you been able to walk and live out all that the Holy Spirit taught us? Has it been easy? A little difficult? Really hard? You can share your experiences briefly in the comment box, I’d be glad to help and cheer you on in any way that I can. What are we for we for? 😁

I need to sincerely apologize to you for not posting last month. I was supposed to. The Holy Spirit already gave me a hint but I did not post because I was….selfish, actually. I did not want to talk about it because it was a little personal. And then, this month. He scolded me for not doing as He asked me to and also helped broaden this topic.

For this reason, I will be putting up two posts regarding this topic. Not a series but it is divided in two parts. Here is the first read. I pray that it meets you or any of your friends right where y’all are. Amen.

My friend, Vivian asked me a few days back,
“Lara, How is your heart”?
Lol. My reply though. Let’s leave that 😂

Now, I am asking you. What is the state of your Mind? What is your mind communicating to you? Positive or Negative Vibes?

I had a mild crush on someone last month. It was not intended, In any way. I had known the guy for a couple of months, seen his physique and fine face, but I honestly was not interested or attracted. But, I started to pay attention to him, because he was paying a lot of attention to me-I paid attention to his attention. Hahaha- he was always doting on me , being sweet and stuff. So, i started to think about him.

I knew deep down in my spirit that he was not “It”. Yet, I paid no attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit telling me to restore to default settings. I chose to bask in the feelings that was budding, the butterflies in my tummy, the ecstasy of staring at his eyes when we spoke, the turn our chat was beginning to take and all that stuff.

Gradually, I started to lose my peace. He was taking 30% of my thoughts and that was A LOT! I started to feel uncomfortable in my spirit. Sometimes, I’d just feel like crying for absolutely no reason. Then, I asked myself.
“Do I really want to be with this guy”? “Why am I attracted to this guy”?
I answered the second question myself.
“Absolutely No Reason”! It was not his intellectual prowess, it was not his spiritual life, it was not his level of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I literally could not point to one cogent reason to why I was attracted to him, except that his attention got my attention.

Right there and then, I started what I should have, a long time ago. I starved my feelings for him. I subjected every popping thought about him to the Holy Spirit. Thank God! It is history right now.

You can guess what would have happened if I had continued to bask in that infatuation.. Yes! You are right.
Lust would have set in.
My spiritual life would have been a disaster
I would have successfully asked the Holy Spirit to leave, indirectly.

Beloved. What have you let in to your mind? What was that seemingly harmless thought that has spread its virus into your thinking pattern and your way of life? Thinking about him looked harmless enough. Truly, what is wrong with having feelings for someone? Nothing actually.
But, is it healthy or unhealthy?
What is the devil speaking to you, about?

The Greatest Battle of any man is the battle of the Mind. Whatever Victory a man attains, starts with His mind. The Mind is a Spiritual Battle Ground.

The news of Hillsong leader who announced that his faith is on a shaky ground is not new to the most of us. Whatever reason it is, I don’t know for sure. But, I do know that there is something he is battling with in his mind! It must have started from a thought that came from a situation or circumstance or by someone’s words!

What do you do when you have a lot of things going through your mind and you do not feel like telling a soul about it?

Pray. Even when it seems hard to.
Speak into your mind. Your words are life
Say it over and over again till it becomes engraved on your heart.

I know how overwhelming the battle of the mind can be. I have been there. It was hard to pray. It was hard, at other times to even cry. But, rather than let it eat you inside out. Rather than let the devil throw more junks like your mind is some dumping ground. Let go of your strength and cry to God about it.

For some people, the battle is finding it hard to let go of a grudge or hate towards someone
For others, the feeling of being unloved, incapable, nobody-ness, struggle to be accepted, doubt of the completion of a project.

Staying in that state. Trying to fight that battle alone will only reduce your productivity. Shut you out of many opportunities and open doors that can be a massive breakthrough to your academics, business, finances, marital and spiritual life.

It puts a blockage to the ears of your spirit man and shuts out God’s voice speaking to you.

It’s easier said than done, yeah?

Well, I hope you get inspired by the story of the Greatest person ever liveth and still living.

Jesus Christ, the procurer of your salvation, had a hard time giving himself away for the sacrifice at the last minute. Before He went to Gethsemane to pray, He had battled it in His Mind if He still wanted to go ahead with it.

When He spoke it all out in prayer. He won the battle.

Hey love, you are not alone in this. Christ has been in your shoes, been neglected, despised, hungry, homeless, deserted by his family. Guess what? He is smiling from heaven with his hands stretched out to you to exchange your weakness for His strength. In all honesty, He knows about it.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

If you cannot pray alone. Talk to one or two trusted friends to inteeceed for you. Jesus did the same (even though they slept through the prayers, until the last one 😂)

You are an amazing person. You are anointed.
Vivian would say, the reason why you have so much to deal with, so many battles to fight is because you are anointed.

Your destiny in Jesus is Glorious and the devil, knowing this has prepared battles to deter you and make you lose your focus. But, hey! You are an overcomer. Take it from me and the Holy Spirit!

Part Two would be up soon.
I love you. I am praying for you.

The King’s Daughter ❤

Published by The King's Daughter

A young woman in love with Jesus❤🤗


    1. My Sisterrr! I am blessed to have you too! 💓

      You are already on track. You keep laying at Jesus’ feet per time! Till it finally leaves you. It is a fight and soldiers don’t give up a fight from the first lose. They keep fighting till the victory is won.. Secondly, I cannot over emphasize the need to Speak Words into these things. Our words are life. The power in the Spoken Word is Beyond the word Powerful itself.. Speak to yourself, “I no longer feel this way. Immorality is not my tag. My mind is purified. It is renewed”. Consistency in these words would drive these thoughts farther and it would teach you to be in control of what goes in and comes out of you.

      Conciously discard the thoughts OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I sometimes have those thoughts, most of the time a simple “Thank You Jesus/HolySpirit” or “Halleluya” dispels those thoughts. When they come again, I repeat the same words till they totally disappear.

      Above all. Subject EVERYTHING to the Obedience of Christ. I love you❤


  1. Lara, thank you so much for this
    Really, thank you!
    I’m basically crying right now
    This is exactly what I’m going through right now and it’s so sad. It’s like I can’t control the voices in my mind, they keep coming and coming, reminding me of my insecurities and I can’t stop them, it’s painful really
    I know it’s the devil just trying to mess with me, I know but I can’t help but believe him
    I can’t even tell anyone about it because I know what they’ll say, I know the advice they’ll give me, it’s nothing new, it’s the same thing they will say, I even used to accept
    it but I don’t know how to anymore.
    I’ve talked to God about it, I’ve told him to set me free from these thoughts of mine but nothing…. It’s just really hard
    Sorry for talking too much 🙈…. I’m surprised I’m able to type this much about myself out in the open 😅 but I just really want to be free
    Thank you so much for this
    You are truly a Godsent 😘
    God bless ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of, you have not spoken too much. Secondly, see that part of “can’t tell anybody, I know the advice they’ll give” is a very real truth! I TOTALLY understand your struggle because I have been there over and over again!

      Truth is. God has answered your prayers. Infact you are free. But, the devil. Never gives up a fight. So, he makes sure to intensify his attacks to make God look like a liar. God is not a magician. He has given us the power of attorney.. Whatever we bind here on earth is bound in heaven. Same goes for whatever we say lose.

      God has heard you. But, you are the one the devil is attacking. You are the one who is to fight back.. He is speaking words to you, yeah? You battle him with the Word too! The Spoken Word is extremely powerful. If the Holy Spirit tells you to speak a word against the devil’s words and you refuse to open your mouth. It means that you are not ready to fight, yeah?

      Now. God has provided us with every Word for ANY situation right there in our Bible. Use those words to fight the voices in your head. For every negative word spoken to you, reply the voices back saying the exact opposite and mean it! Speak these words as often as you remember to.

      Say it aloud if you want to. “I am enough. I am sufficient in God’s sufficiency. i am amazing. I can do anything IN Christ”! Till your spirit man soaks these words and your mind receives it.

      I’ll be praying for you❤

      Liked by 1 person

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