Hi there Newbie! You are so welcome to my blog! I started a series on the Holy Spirit, a couple of weeks ago. This is the last topic on the series and i truly want you to understand, so please read up past posts before you read this. It’s only going to take a few minutes! Thanks.

Faaaam! Glory to God in the Highest! It’s been quite a journey with the Holy Spirit, yeah? Will you please join me to take a minute, to thank God for gracing us with the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit?

In Jesus Name, we give thanks. Amen.

I am so excited in my Spirit. The feedbacks, the testimonies that I have heard, as regards, the other posts, are truly humbling. People who rededicated their lives. People who burned with a fiery desire and passion for intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Some people don’t even want the power again 😂, they say Jesus’ presence is already enough!..

Oh my! God is good. He truly is.

I do not intend to make this post long anyways. But, the Holy Spirit is the anchor of this Ship, yeah? I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this post, does not only meet you right where you are but, erupts a supernatural synergy between you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

Amos 3:3 NIV

God, the Father had a meeting with God, the son and God, the Holy Spirit, they agreed to make man. Not just a man. But, a man in their likeness and image. There was an agreement. So God, the Father made the clay. God, the Son gave the clay life. God, the Holy Spirit empowered the clay to be fruitful and multiply.

This is where Partnership began.

Now, I want to engage your mind and imagination. Let us assume a scene after the fall of Adam. Imagine the Trinity called for a meeting, saying.
“Adam. You have fallen short of Our Glory. You can no longer stay here, because you are now corrupted. However, because I loved my fellowship with you. I would want to make another man and woman to replace you. As my very first man-creation, I thought to tell you that I’ll like to make them in my image, after my likeness, just as I have made you”.

You do know what Adam would have done, don’t you? He would have refused vehemently! He’d want to remain really special, so he’d most probably, tell God to only make the next set of man-creation in His image, but not after His likeness.


Tell God to give them one eye, instead of two. Two noses instead of one. Three legs instead of two and stuff.

At the end of the day, God will abandon the project. If God had told the Israelites, let’s say in a meeting, inside the temple, that their Messiah was going to be born really poor and in an inn, they would have disagreed with God and told God not to. God may have been unable to do as He wanted because the people He was trying to “work” with to acquire their salvation, wanted it differently.

We are just the same. God tells you He wants you to learn to play basketball, that He’s got plans. Yet, you say to Him that Basketball is not a lucrative sport in Nigeria, you’d rather play football.

The importance and power of Partnership cannot be underrated. God saw the unity in the agreement of the people who had started to build the tower of Babel. He had to disrupt the plans…

Can two walk together, except they agree to do so?

Are you and God agreeing together on your life, business, ministry and relationship, right now? Honestly?

Let me state one of the many reasons why Partnership with the Holy Spirit is a thing too hard for many Christians.

We have become unsubmissive. It is possible to have surrendered to the leading of the Spirit and yet not Submitted to the Leadership of the Spirit.

Yes. You have asked Jesus to come into your life. You are surrendered now. You have asked that He takes over your entire life. It’s kind of easy to surrender.

Yet. God says, “Okay. You have surrendered. I’d love you to go on a 10 day dry fast and I’ll tell you the next thing to do to attain the fufillment of your purpose”.

That’s when you’d say. “God. But I have given my life to you. I will do anything you ask me to, anything, but this. I think it’s too much. You’re being hard on me”.

You have not submitted. The Bible says in Proverbs 3:5-6
“Submit to the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding and He will teach you what path to take”

It is truly not so simple. Submission takes a whole lot, if not everything, from you. It is a sacrifice on its own. I gave an example in “Call to Deeper”, where a death is announced in your neighbourhood, and instead of rushing down to raise the dead, because you have been empowered to.. You stay mute in your house, because the Lord has restrained you from going.. That is submitting to the Holy Spirit and doing Only what He say, do. It is not so easy and this is why you need to be broken all the time.

Broken in the Spirit. Brokenness does not start and end at crying our eyes out while giving our lives to Christ. It is a constant process. The brokenness of yesterday cannot stand the tests and trials of tomorrow.

A Person who is not Broken in Spirit will find it hard to submit to the leadership of the Spirit. Jesus had an imapctful ministry while on earth because He Partnered with the Holy Spirit. The Bible says “Jesus went about doing good, being baptized with the Holy Ghost and Power”.

The Holy Spirit did not just empower Him for the work ahead. He was with Him 24/7. He was led by the Spirit to the wilderness to fast 40 days and nights! If Jesus was not submissive, He would have started His ministry immediately He got out of the water. God just said He was pleased in Him. Lol.

Jesus was not only God in Man. He was Flesh too. Yes. The Bible puts it as thus “The Word made Flesh”. This means, He had the ability to err. But, He did not. Because, He had the Holy Spirit, not just to show off, but to Partner with.

Let me quickly point out an example of Jesus’ Partnership with the Holy Spirit from a short story in the Bible.

When Lazarus was sick and word was sent to Jesus about it. Why did Jesus stay back? When Jesus eventually went, after four days. He said that He tarried, so that God will be glorified. Remember, Jesus was flesh too, and Lazarus was a very dear friend to Him. I am sure, at some point, Jesus would have wished to hurry and heal His friend.

Yet, I sensed that the Holy Spirit must have whispered to His ears saying

“No. Don’t go yet. It’s not time”
Jesus did not argue, as most of us would have tried to. He simply submitted to Him because the Holy Spirit knew better. He stayed. And God was truly glorified.

There are other scriptural references but, I particularly chose this, because this was what the Holy Spirit explained to me when I was studying this story, late last year.

Fast Forward, to the place of Ministry.

It’s amazing that you have a relationship with God, but I hope you know that God doesn’t want you alone. He wants your friends, your neighbors, your classmates and everyone around you, to know Him too.

And it is not in any human wisdom, skill, knowledge or understanding to win any soul to God. It is solely the working of the Holy Spirit. You are a mouthpiece. God will not come in His Mightiness to talk to someone. He needs you to do it.

This is another dimension of Partnership. Work needs to be done. Souls need to be saved. Healings have to take place. Deliverances need to take place.

I used to be content with my intimate relationship with God. I felt it was the only thing I needed. Until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see how selfish I would be, if I do not lead other people to do the same. Jesus said we should make disciples of all nation.

He charged us to. He would do the convicting. We do the talking. And, because the Holy Spirit is the senior Partner, we do not take the Glory for ANYTHING! He makes it happen. We have only been privileged to be a Vessel.

In a world that is dominated by darkness. We need to shine the light. We cannot do that, locked up in our closets, loving God and enjoying our relationship with the Holy Spirit, while we leave our friends and the world to wallow and die in darkness.

It is time for Kingdom Business. The harvest is plenty, but, the labourers are few.

Soldiers. It is time to get to work. It is time for war. God is trusting us to change the world. To shout His Name.

Intimacy and Fellowship is very important. Partnership is also important! That is the only channel to shout the name of Jesus. Remember faith without works is dead. We need that bowl of fire. We need the burning wine.

Intimacy and Fellowship is the drive that we will need to genuinely partner with God. Because, it is in the place of intimacy and fellowship that we learn the ways of God, the Hows, Where, Whys of our individual call and ministry.

I know a lot of us love God and we want to die in His presence. But, we would be selfish to have Him to ourselves alone. That can be accounted as a sin of disobedience, because Jesus already charged us to WORK in the Vineyard.

Before, I round off. I’ll like to add that PARTNERSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT IS PERSONAL and General too. But, I’m going to dwell on the personal.

It does not matter if Apostle Joshua Selman is your Father in the Lord. It does not matter if Bishop Oyedepo has laid hands on you a million times or you got prophecies about your beautiful future.

If you cannot partner with the Holy Spirit in your personal walk with Him. He won’t trust you to obey His word when He sends the whole Army out.

Partnership is Obedience. It is total surrender. It is submission. It is a Work-Relationship.

If you don’t learn to partner with the Holy Spirit, you can never have a ministry. Because! The Holy Spirit will only work with, someone that He can trust. Trust is built in your closet.

Finally. The Lord said something to me today (on the day, that i wrote this post, incase you read it some other day) that got me crying really hard. He said

“My Generals are Sleeping. There is no time. The World is going to see me in a might that has never ever been seen before. But, my Generals are sleeping. There are no gatekeepers”

Intimacy and Fellowship is not enough. One of the reasons Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to us, is for the sake of the “Greater Works” that He said we would do.

May the Holy Spirit Help us to be submissive and may He empower us to do Greater Works. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Intimacy. Fellowship. Partnership.

I thank God for this series. I bless His Holy Name for all that He has taught us.

Thank you for being faithful to reading the series. I am most grateful to you. I love and value you!

See you soon!

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  1. Thank you very much
    I really enjoyed this post and I enjoyed the series as a whole! ❤️
    God bless you richly ma’am

    Btw, is there going to be another series?🤔, I think I enjoy series better because it keeps me anticipating for more 😁. But if there isn’t, no problem, I’ll enjoy it either way 😊.
    God bless you ❤️❤️

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    1. Teri. Thank you so so much! God bless you. I am grateful for the gift of you. Lol! Well. Let’s see what the Holy Spirit has in stock for us. Either way, I know we will all be blessed. Please send me a DM on Instagram @_molarra__ and type out your number.

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  2. Wow… you are always amazing 🙇🏻‍♀️. God bless you for sharing this💕❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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