A Call To Deeper

Hello dear. How are you today? 😊. I am so glad that you have decided to redefine your Christian life and most importantly, your relationship with Jesus.

Can i pray for you?

The grace to keep this fire of intimacy that you have received, is bestowed upon you. The Lord will be your strength in your time of weakness. As the deer pants for waters, so shall your spirit and soul long after God. You will be unable to stop chasing. You will never be satisfied. You will NEVER be satisfied. I launch you to a realm of encounters with the Lord and the Host of Heaven. It is well with your soul. In Jesus Name. Amen!

Thank you so very much for following the Holy Spirit series, faithfully. I appreciate your likes, your comments and your shares. You have a very special place in my heart and I want you to know that I am praying for you.

I believe the Holy Spirit has expounded the teachings on Intimacy in your hearts during quiet time. Please, don’t stop at reading on the blog, take each topic back to the Holy Spirit when you are alone, so that He will teach you beyond the texts. It is more important to do that. You are not excluded from receiving rhemas too, you don’t have to be a Pastor to know the Word.

Today, we are moving to the next word on the Holy Spirit series. Boy! am I happy about the beautiful things the Holy Spirit taught us on Intimacy. The testimonies I have received are amazeballs! And I am so thankful to the Holy Spirit. Are you?


I want to quickly begin by saying…again, it is never truly enough to say it.. That JESUS IS COMING BACK AGAIN! Please don’t join the crowd that always reply with “It’s been said over a hundred years ago.. yet, no sign of Him”

Hmmmnn. It is well.

Recently, while I was seated in the car, i looked out the window, looked at the many people standing, sitting, walking, discussing and the buildings that were aesthetically put in place. I thought to myself and I saw with the eyes of the Spirit, how these same places would only be filled with fire and smoke. No buildings. No green grasses. No cars. No busy roads. A few people who are running helter skelter to find refuge against the wrath of God..

The World would have finally come to an end. Finally. To the shame of many doubters. And, to the joy of some others.

Once again, we give thanks to the Holy Spirit, who in this time and season, is already teaching us practical steps to enable us stand by boldly and joyful at His coming.

Without further ado, we have established during the last two teachings that Intimacy is Closeness to God. Closeness to Jesus. Closeness to the Holy Spirit. It is the foundation of having a relationship with God.

How many of us have lost friends because we failed to check up on them due to distance? I mean friends that we were really really close to. Sometimes, distance makes checking up on them a little difficult and slowly, we lose touch. We lose the friendship. And in most cases, It becomes a shadow of what it used to be.

In the same vein, intimacy can be lost if there is no Fellowship.

Intimacy is not the real thing, to be honest. It is a contributing factor to the real thing.. Fellowship is the real thing.

It is never easy for a new convert, a drunkard for instance, to completely let go of his drinking habit, the minute he says the salvation prayer.

Absolutely not!

You might say, but he’s now a new creature. Aren’t old things supposed to be passed away?

Yes. You are right. Pass away, not Completely vanish.. Everything in life is a process. Christianity is a process.

Also, the new creature needs to grow. Nobody expects a new born to start talking, walking and doing adult things in a day. Even as a child grows, he matures out of child habits into teenage/adult habits.

So, intimacy with the Holy Spirit is a process thing. You grow in it. Intimacy is sustained by Fellowship. Intimacy thrives on Fellowship. Consistent Fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

This is why, we feel like we are in love with God today, we cannot stop jumping about in excitement about how we feel about God, and tomorrow, all that love is nowhere to be found. It is why, a lot of people can feel so much fire after a prayer meeting and in two days, the fire fizzles out.

Fellowship is a Key to sustaining anything received in the Spirit. Consistent Fellowship.

Fellowship is a Relationship.

If you want to stay/feel/be close to the Holy Spirit all the days of your beautiful life. Dedicate time for Fellowshipping with Him. The Holy Spirit is such a be-au-ti-ful Spirit. He is a romantic, I tell you. Lol. Just like your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend or any lover at all, He loves attention and He loves to have your attention unshared! He loves privacy. He loves to tell secrets, and you already know that secrets are not supposed to be told to many ears, just the one that needs to hear it. The one who is available at the time for the gist.

You know how they say, you never know a man or woman fully until you marry him/her. Lol. You’ll never know the fullness and dimensions of God if you don’t marry Him in fellowship. Fellowship serves you the whole table, not the crumbs that fall from the Table.

Fellowship is Communion.

What happens during Holy Communion at your church?
Bread is broken and Wine is shared. I know that a lot of us are hungry for God. Hungry for Revelations, for encounters. The table of Fellowship is a place to have a plate of all that you seek In God. It is a place where you eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood in more quantities than you will at church. It is undiluted and intoxicating. It is a burning wine.

This isn’t talking about the House Fellowship Centres you attend or the next worship meeting you’ll attend.

I am talking about your SECRET PLACE. That dark, yet bright place where it is just you and God.

In the place of Communion. There is always an exchange. You give God your time, your voice to sing and talk to Him, your eyes to read the word, your ears to listen and He, in turn presents you a banquet of spiritual delicacies. Just as in Revelation 20.. He has knocked at the door of your heart. You recognized His voice and you have opened up to Him. God never visits emptyhanded.

If Jesus showed up in your room, this minute. Who is in for mind blowing things?

You, right?

Who will be more excited?
It would be Jesus.

You most probably thought that I’d say you. Lol.

Well, i said Jesus because, the minute you start to understand that Jesus is equally excited, in love, happy with you as you are about Him. It’d be easier to grant Him access and spend time with Him. He is in love with you, than you will ever know!

Fellowship is Consecration.

Deciding to fellowship with God is saying to Him
“Lord. You are the first thing on my bucket list. What would you have me do? What are you doing in the world today? How do I prepare for what you said I’d be and do for your kingdom”?

A lot of us know that we have been called into the Kingdom Ministry. Honestly speaking. Everyone (believer and unbeliever) is Called! Only Few are Chosen. The chosen ones are those who have set themselves apart for God. Made a conscious decision to live wholly for God.

Fellowship with God Is not a Child’s play. It is not… Pray today.. No time to pray tomorrow… Study the word today.. No time to study the word tomorrow…

It is God’s will that you be consecrated unto Him. But, it is your job to bring yourself to the place of Consecration. Consecration is painful, to be honest, because it will conform you to the image of the Son, Jesus Christ, (something Mr. flesh hates and will fight you tooth and nail for). Fellowshipping with God is the only way to completely subdue Mr. Flesh.

Will you sow consistently to the place of Fellowship, henceforth?

Fellowship and Feelings don’t work Hand in Hand.

Vivian: Hey dear, how’d your day go?
Lara: Very well! It was a productive day.
Vivian: Aww! Great. Were you able to pray and study the Word today?
Lara: Actually, no.
Vivian: Oh! Why?
Lara: I didn’t feel up to it. There was no drive. I’ll make sure I do, tomorrow.

That is an instance. A lot of us reading this post right now, find ourselves in this place. We do not feel up to praying. We do not feel up to studying. We do not feel up to talking to God. We expect, to be prompted or asked to, like kids.

We do not feel we should brush our teeth, we do not feel we should be on our phones all day long.. But we do these things, without being told.

To establish a strong and consistent fellowship with God. You really need to flush down your feelings in the toilet!

God prompts us, no lies. He prompts us to wake at certain times to pray or study for a prophetic purpose. But if you are one to ALWAYS wait on the Holy Spirit to tell you to open your Bible before you do so..

Grow up!

We need to mature past taking milk. This is why lukewarmness in the Spirit is like your handbag. This is why, you are gullible to every teaching, any “Man of God” preaches.

It is time to pray even when you don’t feel like.
It is time to sing to God even when you do not feel like.
It is high time you read the word, whether you want to or not!

If your strength fails you in the day of adversity. It means you had no strength in the first place. The times when you don’t feel like praying, but you pray, is preparing you. A time is coming when Praying will be like drinking water after days of thirst. It will be a luxury.

When the great tribulation starts.. Churches will be a dreaded place to go. You won’t have to feel like praying, to pray. Build your strength now. Build your strength NOW! When you can.

It further shows God the level of your commitment to Him. To His Kingdom and a proof of your love for Him.

Lastly, my lovers. Fellowshipping with God is not limited to your rooms. You can commune with Him anywhere, anytime. He is OmniPresent, yeah?

I have shared in several places, how, one of the songs that I received from God and has been a huge blessing to lives, was received on the road. Fellowship is beyond the four walls of the your room. Beyond the four walls of the Church. It starts in your Heart and Spirit. Wherever you do it, is only a physical location.

I hope this post met you right where you are and blessed you as much as it blessed me while writing it.

Here is the link to download the song I mentioned ealier. I hope it drives you deeper to the place of Intimacy and Fellowship with Our King.

Molara – Secret Place

I love you so much!
The King’s Daughter❤

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