Paying attention to God’s Heartbeat.. Intimacy(2)

It’s so good to have you here, again! Thank you so much for reading, liking and dropping your comments on the last post. I am most grateful to you for praying and sharing the post. I saw you, yes, I did! Thank you, again! 💜

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that this post meets you right where you are. I pray that you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as you read. Amen.

We are in a very funny generation. Very funny one. The kind of things that are happening now are worth weeping for, they are worth asking for the ground to open and swallow us! Immorality, Sexual sins, all sort of degrading and shaming things have become the “norm”.

On the other hand, the ones who are supposed to uphold the Gospel, the ones who are supposed to be the “light” set on an hill, have their arms folded and mouths asking for things they cannot handle and have no understanding about!


Here is something John said over 2000 years ago.. The Holy Spirit is reiterating it.

The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.
Luke 3:9 NIV

I pray again, that this message meets you right where you are. I truly bless God for what He has started to do for a while now, the emergence of generals who are going to take over is becoming more evident each passing day. The faces of His sons who have dwelled long enough in the Secret Place are now in the open. The likes of Apostle Joshua Selman, Lawrence Oyor, Theophilus Sunday, to mention a few.

But! Hehehe. Can I shock you, dear friend?

A greater than Apostle. A greater one that Lawrence and Theophilus, is emerging! Our God is RICH in dimensions and to be very honest with us. We have not even smelt the SONS of God yet! Please do not get me wrong. These men are sons of God oo, but, do you really think that what we have seen in these men are ALL that there is to God?

Verily i say to you. Soon. You will see people who will walk in greater dimensions than these men. Men, who at the sound of their voices, walls will crack, generators will stop working, Nepa would be unable to hold the light down, a sinner will begin to confess sins without being asked for!

These Men… These men that God will USE and Glorify Himself In, like He did Jesus…would be Men of Intimacy. Men of the Secret Place.

Not Men of Power. Not Men of Signs and Wonders.

But, Men of LOVE. Men who are insanely in Love with Him.

Can I quickly ask you a question?
Who would you rather be seen everywhere with.. A friend who is always there for you, who is not ashamed to talk about you and would scream on the rooftop how much they love you OR someone who only smiles and checks up on you on your birthday or when they need something from you?

The former, yeah?

Which of these friends have you been to God?

It is well.

On my way out, one afternoon, the Holy Spirit asked… “What is Power and Fire, without Surrender”?

That’s the point we are! We want the Power and Fire of God. We want to be endued with the Power from On High but do not want to first Love the God from where the power flows.

We celebrate the “powerful” men of God, but are oblivious of the passionate lovers of God, who do not hold so much Healing crusades or all over the Internet. We do not celebrate the passionate and genuine worshippers. We celebrate the ones who sings a list of songs that appeals to our ears and bodies. Insensitive Generation!

Holy Spirit, take over.

John said,

I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Luke 3:16 NIV

“With the Holy Spirit And Fire”. He did not say “With Fire and the Holy Spirit”. There is an order. Before the disciples gathered in the upper room. Jesus, already breathed the Holy Spirit into them (John 20:22) and the sweet Holy Spirit had started working the Love of Christ on their insides. The Fire they received in the upperroom was just for the “Work”.

We preach the DOINGS of Christ. We do not preach Christ in this generation. My love, the hardest thing to do is LOVE because its language is SACRIFICE AND OBEDIENCE.

Jesus had the power, did He not? There was no point in Jesus’ ministry that He had a hard time manifesting power, except on the Cross! Right there and then, Love was the Most important thing to Him.

Jesus did not have to produce sweat as thick as blood to perform a miracle. But, you see that sweat was produced when He wanted to demonstrate the Greatest Love Ever!

We have been selfish. Selfish to God. Selfish to the destinies we have been tied to. Selfish to the generations coming after us. God so LOVED the world that He sent Jesus. He loved the world. And all He is asking, is that the same people love Him too.

Intimacy is a Price. Loving God comes with a Price. But, we prefer to show the world the works of Christ than show the Character of Christ.

Again, I say. It is well.

On the last day. Jesus said, some will say to Him. I healed the sick in your name. I cast out demons in your name. Yet… Yet… He will say to them I know ye not.

May this never be our portion.

How would you react if a complete stranger walks up to you in the midst of your friends and claims to know you? Jesus will Not recognize anybody He is not in a relationship with.

Lovers recognize themselves anywhere. There is a connection. An established connection.

Quickly, I will share a few things about Intimacy. So that you’d not only understand, but you’d do a check up on yourself..

¶Intimacy starts with the brokenness of the heart and transcends to Brokenness in Spirit. David said in the book of Psalms. A broken heart AND a broken spirit thou will not despise (other translation say Contrite).

Have you seen a sinner who has just encountered God in a meeting? He is shattered as the weight of Gods reality dawns on Him and all his sins is open in the light of God’s love. That’s a sign of a broken heart. That Vulnerability. That’s your first step to developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit. The said sinner wants to be familiar with this God who has said that He loves him with all of His past, because He wonders.. Who does that?

I always wanted to be in touch with any guy I was dating. Always wanted to know how he was doing. If he was eating right. I would go to my ex boyfriend’s house every week, at the time, because I saw it as a means of making our relationship stronger. Sadly, I did not give so much energy and time to my relationship with God, then.

Sadly, many of us are in this same shoes that I wore. It’s nothing to beat yourself so much about. You can start by taking your legs off from those shoes. Then, Give God your hand and let Him lead you to a life of intimacy with Him.

As you intimately grow with God, your heart is mended and your Spirit becomes the Broken one. The Bible said, that as many are led by the Spirit, they are called the Sons of God. Everybody’s channel to the Holy Spirit is their spirit, this is why the Bible says that the Spirit bears witness with our spirit. If your spirit is not broken, my dear friend.
Broken in surrender. Broken in Love. You can never be led of the Spirit because an unbroken spirit is never sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

You may ask. What is an unbroken spirit?

An unbroken spirit is one that is not subject or surrendered to God. One that is bound by self. Self will, self love, self anything you can think of. This is why Intimacy is a continuous thing, you just got to keep loving this God till eternity. That’s all you’ll have to do and give when you get to the Father, anyway. No blind eye to open. No dead to raise. It’s just a Father and His Children. Basking in His Glory and Love Forever.

Sweetfruit. It is not hard to love the Lord. The place of Intimacy is a Place of Growing and Fanning the Flame of Love for God. It is a place of Worship.

Worship is not an expression of Power.

It is an expression of Love.

When God said He seeks worshippers in truth and spirit. He didn’t mean someone to show him the miracles he can perform. He meant someone who will respond to His Heartbeat per time! How else can we respond to the Heartbeat of this loving God if we do not dwell in a place of Intimacy? If we don’t spend hours upon hours singing, studying His word, loving up on Him, without praying any prayer point?

We are fond of asking because it was how we were brought up in the Christian Faith.
What was that routine again?

Thanksgiving. Ask for forgiveness. State your needs and wants. Thank Him for answered Prayers.

Lol! Kai!

How many of us ask God, “what can I do for you, today? How do I make you smile”?

We are pretty much asking for Power to show that we dey here. See, I am not saying that it is bad. It is not. But, we are asking for the right thing for the wrong reasons. Many of us know, that we do not love God enough and when we get endued with the Power (because He will give it), we would leave His Presence and be all about glorifying ourselves.

God, help us.

My dear friend has given me the permission to share her recent revelation here (paraphrased). Please read carefully as it will better give us a picture for my last point.

“I was in a car with a popular artiste, we were driving round and we passed by schools. For every school that we stopped by.. There was always a different someone saying to the Pupils.. There is Fire. There is a Revival! Come Everyone of You and be a part of this Revival. Suprisingly the pupils will gather together with so much enthusiasm and keen attention. They listened to each speaker but they did not seem to “feel” the revival or the Fire. They were as normal as they were, a week ago”.

Children of God. If we are not careful. We will end up like the speakers in that revelation. If we do not take our love life with the Holy Spirit more seriously. If we do not keep alive our altar of Intimacy. We will only shout and scream reviaval and Fire, yet, NOTHING will be shown as a proof of what we are saying.

Matter of Fact, God is really being careful about casting His pearl before swines. If you do not have a relationship with God. You will get not as close as a “feel” of the Power and Fire you are screaming your lungs out for.

One last important thing that intimacy does is Pruning! To prune, is to cut off useless parts in anything. Jesus said, to bear more fruits, there has to be a pruning (John 15:1-2).

Power without Pruning is massive destruction. Pruning takes place in the Secret Place and only God’s beloveds will be pruned. This is where surgeries in the Spirit takes place. Our hearts, our thoughts, our wills, our desires are worked on, they begin to conform and align with only what God wants. At the end of the day, there is nothing hidden in us that causes us to fall short of God’s expectation when we manifest His Power.

Those who have been pruned, by abiding in Jesus, the Vine, are the ones whose spirits will be attracted and be pulled upward at the sound of the trumpet, on the last day.

This is what distinguishes Sons from Babes.

You may hear the news of someone who just died in your street, you know that if you go there, the dead will rise because you have truly been endued with the Power. But, you sit still. Not out of pride. But because your Father has said so. You love Him too much to disobey Him. At that time, Your Father’s will is more important that what He can do through you.

Oh God! Help us! Cause us to fall madly in love with You.

My dear, it is good to ask for power and fire. But first, LOVE God. Build a relationship with Him.

To end this rather long post. Another dear friend, sent me a message at past 5am this morning with a song the Angels woke Him up with and the lyrics goes thus.

“Prepare the Way. Big Daddy is Coming. Prepare the way for the one who sits upon the Throne. Prepare the Way Big Daddy is coming”.

You already know it’s the sound of rapture, yh?

I want you to know that I love you very much!

Please go back to the secret place and ask God to teach you to love Him. Tell Him how much you Value His Presence more than His Power. Tell Him how badly you want to Chase Him than what He can give to you. He will hear you and He will place His love in your heart, you will be unable to fathom and hold back the feeling!

I leave you in His Hands.
The King’s Daughter 💜

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  1. If we don’t spend hours upon hours singing, studying His word, loving up on Him, without praying any prayer. This is really deep . Thanks dear more Grace

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