I am no longer shocked at most of the things going on in the world right about now. I am not angry at the bad things and the people doing these things anymore.
I have come to the realisation that they have been designed to take place after our dear ol’ Adam and Eve was sent out of the garden of Eden.
Every decent person in the world is against homosexuality, murder, blackmail and other bad stuffs that people do.
I remember clearly, a conversation I had with Faith, a male friend, three months ago after a long time of seeing each other. I am not so sure of how it started but Here is what we conversed

Lara, what do you think about gays and lesbians?

Well, I haven’t given much thought to them but I just think they need help. And it is a very bad bad way to live. The sound and sight of them is irritating.

I hear that there’s a law about to abolish its practice

That is great o! I’ll be so glad if that happens. All these nonsense needs to stop

Why? I’m not against them o. I think they should be left to live how they’d love to. Let them feel free na

At that point, I was shocked and a bit disappointed. Faith is one deep Christian, he spends hours just fellowshipping with God via His Word and he doesn’t take it with levity. I respect the amount of time he spends praying, reading the word and going about all his spiritual exercises. And to think that, he would support that sin, that immoral act. I wasn’t entirely sure that Faith was speaking to me at the time.
I didn’t try to argue with him, although my facial expression showed my uttermost surprise, I laughed and asked for the reason behind his answer. He had this to say

My dear, it’s not because I totally support them. All of these things have been spoken about, prophecied about in the Bible and the scripture must be fulfilled. The only prayer that we should pray is that we do not fulfill the bad part of the Scripture.
I got the point immediately!
Permit me tonight, can’t paste the scriptures on here but please read Isaiah 55:11.
God did not specify the names,gender, race or country that will fulfill the words in 2nd Timothy 3:1-5. But HE said it would happen and it surely will because His Word would never return to him empty.
See why I’m not shocked or angry? All I feel, matter of fact, is great sadness for the people that are actually living their lives in accordance to the word in the scriptures.
I realised that no one is perfect and it doesn’t exclude Christians. Yes, Christians who do not have a firm footing in Christ. It is very very possible to end up fulfilling part of the scripture in second Timothy.
However, the best that we can do as Christians is to pray for grace upon ourselves first and then help out the ones who are lost in darkness.
The people who crucified Jesus, fulfilled the scripture, they had no idea.
God’s grace be multiplied upon us. It is our duty to be aligned with the Spirit of God, Do a daily check up on our lives, in the secular world and spiritual life. Be sure that we aren’t fulfilling that part of the scriptures in any way.
I’ll leave you with the words in 2Timothy 4:5. Do take care! Intercede daily!


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