Long time no post, haha! I have been BZ…distracted and a little bit angry, lol.

For some weird unexplainable reasons I feel like starting this post by saying hi to a few people! Surprisingly, derah comes first! But I basically want to say a big thank you to those following me, my international friends and fellow Kingdom Generals. Big thanks to my recent follower Simpleula! Thank you so much for liking and dropping your comments.


So yeah, I have been busy::BZ. Busy getting distracted and angry. I’m not quite sure how to explain, I was going to return to the blog with some good post(this is better,matter of fact) but then, you know, a lot of people think that being a Christian means living a perfect life with zero worries and you just got it all together because we have a mighty God who does all things well. Well, yeah. We have a God who is awesome like that but even Jesus Chrit told us that we will face challenges::so we actually live a life of 100% faith.


Recently, God has been doing something really funny with me, sometimes it scares and excites me at the same time. I’m scared because I feel that I might mess things up and I am excited because I can perceive the sweet smelling savour of a realm that I have always longed for but I was angry, at a lot of things. I was more angry at myself, I did a self assessment and I realised that i still have not let go of a whole lot of things. I started to feel that at the level I am,right now in the spirit, I shouldn’t be making some of the mistakes i made in certain situations. I was angry because what I envisioned for myself in years to come didn’t seem like they were going to work out afterall, judging from some things that are happening presently, coupled with personal issues and fam. My faith was on a Zero!


And then, I started to snub the Holy Spirit. He’d whisper to my ears and I’ll angry shut him up, literally, by hardening my heart consciously. But I was hungry (I still am) so hungry, a spiritual hunger for more and my heart started to yearn more than it ever did in years, most especially concerning my ministry. There was just something I needed and I wasn’t getting it, it almost felt like God went MIA on me:: Truth is, it didn’t almost felt like, it actually felt like. But then He was MIA preparing something for me

I realised that God was doing a new thing, I just did not know it.

Isaiah 43:19

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert”

It’s funny how God used my anger towards him, to cause an insatiable hunger. And then he did something amazing. He brought someone amazing my way! Someone to help me live the life He has intended for me, Someone to take me deep into the mysteries that are not fully explained in the Bible. There is just so much that this person, that he has placed in my life, at a time like this, is doing right about now!


I’m quite excited about this new phase, this new beginning. Just as the rising of the sun, is a sign of the beginning of a new morning. The Glory of God is risen upon me, signifying a new phase, a new beginning, a new realm. I can’t wait to start basking in the euphoria of my new phase, and although I’ll face challenges even in this new phase. I’m rest assured that God’s got me, my faith level is on a hundred!!

I really don’t know if there’s anyone who has been in this situation before. But for someone going through a time like this, God’s got you.

Thank you! I feel a bit ill tonight:: it’s 9pm from my part of the world.lol. I’m just going to catch some sleep. God bless you.

Published by The King's Daughter

A young woman in love with Jesus❤🤗

4 thoughts on “A NEW PHASE

    1. Cheers! I read your come back post as well. I was gonna drop my comments but network failed and stuff. Wow, Girl! We had similar experiences, although mine was 3 weeks ago. I’m just so glad you shared. There was a lifting in my spirit! God bless you dear😙😙


  1. You are doing a great job dear…i can really relate to this post mehhn…there are times when i feel like i’m not making progress in my walk with and then i give up and i’m back to square one…

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    1. Lol. Riiighhht?? It can be saddening and frustrating. But, the great thing is the fact that we are cautious of it. Its just a proof that we still have his gentle Holy Spirit nudging us to come closer. Thank you so so much for stopping by. Xoxo


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