I’m seated here, in this bus. The scene, on a replay. I definitely didn’t expect that to happen, it was….quick, right before I could call the name of Jesus…. olowogbogboro. . And then, I bursted out in laughter. Not sure how to put it… like the “tears of joy” phrase, it was “laughter of…..”?. It was mixed feelings, as I did not know whether to cry or laugh. Lol.

Can you say the devil is a liar, please?

Because that is what he really is. Permit me to share a few things with you.

Before now, since last year, I been  having this crazy revelations about death. First, it was a woman asking me to take a coffin from her outstretched arms. And then, my dead landlord appearing in my dreams and going almost everywhere with me, in the same dream and just two nights ago, the forces of darkness came by themselves to strangle me to death, but, of course, they couldn’t because the Holy Spirit woke me up when I was choking to death in that revelation, need I tell you that when I woke up, I felt the pain of the choker fastened on my neck? Please say it again, the devil is a liar.

I have a rehearsal scheduled for 10pm at Victoria Island tonight and after leaving work, I boarded a tricycle to Ikeja, it was a free road dear, very free road, suddenly. I say, suddenly, the rider had no control over his vehicle, next I heard was a scratch against the ground.

The tyre of the tricycle flew away into a gutter while the tricycle was still in motion. Guess what? I was seated at the edge, the same…corner or do I say position, now,as the tyre that went off the tricycle. . The minute I got out i put my hand over my mouth and was mumbling “God be praised”. It was just all I could mutter amidst my laughter. I just stood there, dazed, I imagined a bus or a trailer coming right behind us with all the speed in the world and hitting our tricycle from behind as it moved with no tyres, with me and two other innocent children of God still inside,plus the rider. I definitely wouldn’t be posting right about now. I’m short of words to say to God, I’m grateful.

I was listening to my favourite song right now, while I was in the tricycle, “CHRIST REPRESENTERS”(there’s even gist on that one but it ain’t for tonight) when the whole thing happened. The devil was messing with Me! A Christ representer! Is it someone that could not kill my King, my saviour, My Jesus, that now wants to Kill Me, someone that represents his defeater(if there’s a word like that,lol). Can you see he’s joking? Lol!

This scripture came to me last evening when i heard about the accident of a dear friend. It’s a popular scripture and I’ll like you to declare it over your family and life just like I have since it came to me

Psalm 118:17

“I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the LORD”. 



Oh, Satan, you bragged to your demons about taking my life. You just got proven to be a Liar!

Liar Liar! Pants on Fire!!

Join me in praising God, will you?


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