What’s up! Good evening. How are you doing tonight? I hope your day went well. I’d say mine was….fair, some things happened today that made me feel…..not okay, but! In the good and bad times, we ultimately have to give God all the praise, yeah?

I wasn’t exactly in a good mood when I returned from the choir rehearsals and my mum just had a way of making me feel worse. She started with the harsh tone over the phone, when she called to know where I and my brother were at 9pm (well, we had to stay back for an impromptu rehearsal after the main one). And, although I anticipated the anger and, you know, all that harsh words (having anticipated the attack and all, I should have been calmer, no)?, well I wasn’t. I ignored her and went outside the house because I didn’t want to listen to all the things she had to say, my brother followed suit.

My defenses were: “we are not kids anymore now”, “God is the one who protects, even if there are kidnappers and ritualists everywhere, they do not operate only at night, they operate in the day too, so what makes her think we are in more danger at night”?

When we got back inside the house, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Tell her, E ma binu ma” (Yoruba translation for “Don’t be angry ma”, but mostly used to say “I’m sorry”). I ignored, partly angry. When I was going to have dinner, he repeated the same words to me and added “be humble”. Lol! So I did as he told me to, my anger had subsided at that time too though so I told my brother while he was eating that we should apologise and we both did.

After dinner, the Holy Spirit now lecture me small and opened my heart. These were the words that got to me

“She doesn’t want to lose you both. She loves you way too much and she can’t bear the thought of living her life without the both of you. She was actually scared.  She just loves you both that much”.I cried in my heart. I know my mum loves me but I didn’t see it from that perspective. I thought she was just angry based on morals, the “good children don’t stay out late” moral thingy.

That’s how God feels about a lot of us too when we he chastises us. The Bible says that He chastises whom he loves. He loves us too much to lose us, to the world and sin.

I really wasn’t going to post tonight but I just had to share what happened. It is a beautiful thing to have the Holy Spirit, don’t you agree? Lol.

All good, i wish you a lovely night rest loves. I hope that i’ll wake up tomorrow, with joy and happines and a bubbling Spirit.

Good night.


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