Heyyy! ! Good ‘cold’ evening to you. Did it rain in your hood today? It rained cats and dogs here! Let me hint you a bit on what happened in my day. I didn’t go to work today, it’s my day off, so I had plenty of time to rest and do some personal work, like set up pictorial images for the WWJD project, and, of course I studied Daddy’s word (That’s what I call God, most of the time). How’d your day go? *smile*.

Something I read up in God’s word today made me laugh, it was something God said he was going to do and trust me, what He proposed to do,isn’t funny in the least, but you know how you want to melt out a punishment for someone but you first try to make it bearable by adding a bit of sugar in your words, ish! Not sure I’m describing the skeenario(scenario)in falz’ way, well. Anyways, i’m sure you’ll get the gist when you see that verse of the scripture. Like my daughter, Meche(I call her my daughter, spiritual daughter), would love to type…

Let’s go Visit Brother Isaiah, shall we?

ISAIAH 29:13-14

“Wherefore the Lord said,forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth and their lips do honor me,but have removed their heart far from me,and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men.

Therefore,behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvelous work and a wonder; for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid”

Did you pause for a second at verse 14? I did. A marvelous thing ke? I paused to think of what marvelous thing He was going to do for the people who are just for lip services. And then He shocked me! I laughed because at the sight of marvelous and wonder, I expected nothing less than good news but to discover that God was melting out a punishment for them was just totally out of my options. And truth be told, it will be a wonder to find out that the words that proceed out of the mouth of your mentor or pastor, and is seemingly wise and true, is neither afterall.


That’s how God plans to deal with people who are only guided by the precepts of Man, who feel that they should behave in a certain way,worship in a certain way because it is how their pastor or someone they respect preaches it.

Another amazing thing I found out about the scripture is that it is relative.

A whole lot of us, claim to love God, well, we say we do, we are proud to say we are Christians but our hearts is not in sync with the words we speak and even the things we do. Half love is no love at all. It’s either you love this God with Everything, deeds, words and all or you don’t love him at all

I have been there before, I took a little walk out of the fold but I was still claiming to be in the fold, I still spoke about God, I still said to Him that I loved him and I did try to honor him but I wasn’t feeling it because everything was not in sync with my heart. My heart was far away from home,from Him. Yet, I’ll be catching rhema during sermons and personal discussions but they did nothing. I was still empty,till I got got my heart in its perfect place, in God.

Are you in the shoes of the people in verse 13? Make amendments and be determined to serve God with your heart and not your lips alone. He loves you too much and he proves it to you on a hundred. Love him fully!

Good night dear!


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