Hey soldiers! Can you tell I’m a little sad today? No? Lol…. How I wish there was actually a kind of sensory device that could transfer my emotions to your phone screens. Would that be cool? No?

Today actually started well, it was…..good. Enlightening even. I was reading 2 chronicles(as usual. *rolls eyes*, I’m not diligent enough with my Bible reading plan) this morning at work and Hezekiah’s story caught me. Let me drop the verse that actually made me smile;

2 Chronicles 32:27-29.

Hezekiah ended up very wealthy and much honored. He built treasuries for all his silver, gold, precious stones, spices, shields, and valuables, barns for the grain, new wine, and olive oil, stalls for his various breeds of cattle, and pens for his flocks. He founded royal cities for himself and built up huge stocks of sheep and cattle. God saw to it that he was extravagantly…

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