W. W. J. D

*Suspicious Grin* Hiiii *waving*. Lol! You’re wondering if I’m up to something yeah? Oh, you are wondering what that abbreviation up there really means? No worries, I’ll let you know.

First, how are you? Me, I am fagged out and in dire need of both a massage and a deep good sleep.  There was too much to do today, but hey! I’ll be fine.

The book of Lamentations 3:27 already told us to “bear the yoke while we are young”.


So! WWJD.. Anyone wants to give it a shot at guessing the right answer? No one, Okay!

If you’re a lover of Tyler Perry’s movies, I guess you have seen the “Madea goes to jail” movie. There was this scene where Madea’s daughter had her car almost bashed by a lawless driver but chose to stay calm and let him go because she knew there was someone that would not take revenge if he was in her shoes.


What Would Jesus Do?

This is a new project that I’m working on, with my friends. It’s building a trend and a small community of young Christians who can share daily compromising situations they find themselves in a day and what they did or didn’t do just because they thought for a second “What would Jesus do” in their shoes.

Pretty amazing,  yeah?

I’ll keep you updated!


I’m getting drowsy right about now. Good night dear!


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